Buy sofritas, get free burrito


Brandi Walker

John Sullivan, a pre-physiology freshman, and Aaron Kwan, a mechanical engineering freshman, enjoy a burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill located on University Blvd. near Main Gate. On Jan. 26 Chipotle will have a promotion where customers can purchase Sofritas and bring back their receipt to claim a free burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos.

Brandi Walker

The Chipotle Mexican Grill on University Boulevard will take part in a national promotion for customers who purchase organic tofu Sofritas today at any location in the U.S. or Canada. Customers can then use their receipts to claim free burritos, bowls, orders of tacos or salads on their next visit from Jan. 27 to Feb. 28.

The customer base of the restaurant near Main Gate Square is compromised mostly of students, at about 80-90 percent, according to John Hall, the restaurant general manager.

Hall said the promotion’s purpose is to open students’ eyes and change their conceptions of tofu. 

“It’s not this white, mushy, Jell-O-type stuff,” Hall said. “It can taste amazing.”

Sofritas were first introduced by Chipotle on Feb. 12, 2013, according to a press release, as an option for salads, tacos, burritos and burritos bowls.

Charlie Landa, a natural resources sophomore and Chipotle employee for nearly a year, said he expects more than 10,000 people to come in, mostly students.

Hall affirmed Landa’s weighty prediction.

“I expect to have lines out the door like normal,” Hall said. “I mean, it’s free food and college kids.”


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