“Same space, different name”

Same space, different name

Remember that futuristic-looking place on University Boulevard called Bakerzin that specializes in pastries and not much else? Well, the Arts desk can’t remember the last time it needed a pastry-only establishment in its life, and it seems the owners of Bakerzin realized that, too.

The name “”Bakerzin”” has been swapped out for “”Café 940,”” a restaurant offering a menu of salads, unique sandwiches, pasta and pizza. Not to worry if you liked the whole baked goods idea – Café 940 still tantalizes customers with decadent desserts in that weird, circular, yet somehow musically-inspired pastry case and register.

Although the interior furniture might be a carry-over from its Bakerzin days, Café 940 upped its hipness a bit with a music station choice that included dance favorites The Go! Team.

Arts reporter Laura Hassett decided to try the Cajun Chicken Salad sandwich because its description listed a myriad of spices like cilantro and it seemed delicious. In retrospect, what sounded like a twist on the usual chicken salad was nothing to write home about. The toasted bun wasn’t really toasted, and finishing the sandwich was a chore, as the chicken salad was runny, drippy and bland. The meal also came with a side salad, which was just a pile of limpy lettuce with no dressing – oh, wait, the sloppy chicken salad ended up on top of the salad.

Arts editor Jamie Ross tried the tortellini á la vodka, which was covered in a tomato cream sauce zesty in moderation but a bit too spicy at times.

“”Cafè 940″”
940 E. University Blvd.
Serving sandwiches, salads, pasta and deserts
3 1/2 stars

The Brunchwhich, which assistant arts editor Kelli Hart tried, was a healthy version of a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich. Thank goodness; otherwise, we might have felt guilty after gorging ourselves on the tasty treat.

The raspberry, pyramid-shaped dessert we all shared was like a pretty, yummy version of a Little Debbie zebra cake. Inside was a creamy concotion, and the raspberries sprinkled along the bottom inside were nice and tart.

Aside from Hassett’s sandwich being below par and that the place was deserted, Café 940 was a nice change of pace.

Kelli Hart, Laura Hassett and Jamie Ross