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    Timberlakian ‘tact’

    “”That is what Madonna will always be to us. The shot in the ass when we really need it.”” That was part of Justin Timberlake’s speech he gave Monday night when Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Among other things, the speech was slightly, if not entirely, dumb. Timberlake took this opportunity to say every half-witted dumbass thing he could, and even managed to mention Britney Spears near the end of the riveting display of human intelligence amplified by a microphone. “”(Madonna) has also kissed someone I may or may not have kissed myself. Of course you know I’m talking about Sean Penn.”” Not that my opinion of Timberlake’s behavior will have an effect on anything important, but I would have to say that after observing the way he handles himself, he looks like an asshole. You’d think after he went through all his prepubescent stages – his ringlet hair during the *NSYNC days, the bad breakup with Spears, the Super Bowl incident – he would have gotten it all out of his system by now. This is proof even publicists – you know, those people who tell all these celebrities what to say – can’t turn little boys into men. Sorry Justin, I love your music, but I go to bed every night hoping that someday you will lose the badass attitude that you never deserved in the music industry.

    MSG: It’s what’s for dinner?

    This just in: MSG is in everything, and it tastes so damn good. Not just found in Chinese food anymore, MSG is becoming a large part of the junk food diet. A lot of foods – ones that actually do not taste anything like real food, like Spicy Nacho Doritos – have MSG in them. It’s used for flavoring in everything from soups to chips and even Goldfish. “”MSG, a common flavor enhancer and preservative used since the 1950s, was tagged as a toxin, removed from commercial baby food and generally driven underground by a new movement toward natural, whole foods,”” wrote Julia Moskin in The New York Times on March 5. Yummy, toxins. You could say that MSG is a short-cut for quality cooking and manufacturing. It is easier to add MSG to something you’re cooking to enhance the flavors than to learn about which spices go good with others and which flavors they enhance. All I know is my hairstylist is highly allergic to it and knows that when something tastes just too good to be true, there’s MSG in it. Check labels to see if your foods contain this “”toxin.””

    I may be anorexic, but I make up for it with my alcoholism

    I came across another health-related article in The New York Times that I also found to be quite interesting. The article, “”Starving Themselves, Cocktail in Hand”” by Sarah Kershaw, published March 2, is about the relationship between alcohol abuse and eating disorders. Basically, it explains that people are replacing food and meals with alcohol. The rationale is if you aren’t eating food, you aren’t getting fat. I think might be common among college students, especially females. The article calls the behavior “”drunkorexia,”” and I think it is probably more common than we think. We see these super-skinny models and actresses who have drug abuse problems, and it could be due to this kind of eating habit. Replacing food with alcohol can be dangerous because you never really feel full, therefore there is no weight gain anxiety. You’re just a “”drunkorexic”” instead. I’m fairly certain, however, that there wouldn’t be 24-hour fast food without drunk eaters, either. I found the article very intriguing and believable. This is a really big issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I am not a doctor but a little education never hurt anybody. Check out the article!

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