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    Liberalism not synonymous with leftism
    Many letters published in the Arizona Daily Wildcat about liberals and liberalism have sickened me with a dreadful thought that there is a pandemic of ignorance on this campus. David Brown and Donald Wilson’s letters typified this ignorance. David Brown’s letter equated liberals with egalitarians and Donald Wilson’s letter went so far as to make the assertion that liberalism is a “”mental disorder.””
    If this is the case, and liberalism is indeed a mental disorder, then our Constitution, the foundation of our nation, was constructed by the insane. Then the Bill of Rights is just some delusional fantasy of messed-up psychotic liberals. Then the free market is some crackpot idea of a softy sensitive liberal, and those who defend liberty and freedom are deranged lunatics. Liberalism refers to a political ideology where liberty is the principal value, not equality, socialism, communism, feminism or anything else. Now, it is true that some people who call themselves liberals are egalitarians; they would usually fit under the category of social liberalism or liberal egalitarianism. However, generally, liberals are people who value liberty above all else. Please, don’t use terms mindlessly. Consult your Wikipedia: Liberalism and leftism are two different things.

    Rae Ana Snyder
    chemistry and mathematics junior

    Time to stop showing Muslims respect
    I’m growing tired of constantly reading about how we need to show different groups of people more respect. This PC movement has been gaining momentum for over a decade now, but very few people realize where it’s going to end. Let me enlighten you. In Europe, where I’m from, there is a growing Muslim population that is moving in to various EU countries on a daily basis. This group has a much higher birth rate than the European races, so in the future, it is easy to see that Muslims will dominate Europe in the way they currently do in the Middle East. I am not saying this is a bad thing in and of itself, but it is bad in a world where our “”Christian”” country treats their “”Muslim”” countries as enemies.
    For better or worse, Muslim countries do not share our beliefs when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, as we’ve seen recently with Cartoongate. This means that in the next 50 to 100 years, Europe will no longer be our uneasy ally, but rather, it will be a natural enemy. We are losing a demographic battle in Europe to maintain our democratic and Western values. We will lose this battle if we don’t stop being so politically correct and start standing up for our beliefs. You can argue that democracy is about acceptance, but that only works when everyone plays by the same rules. Americans and Europeans are losing influence, and whether or not you feel this is a bad thing, something needs to be done by the Americans and Europeans to stop this decline. I look forward to e-mails lecturing me about hate speech when all I have said is that each group should act in its own best interest if this whole experiment of a melting pot is going to work.

    Niall O’Connor
    UA alumnus

    U-Mart selling past-date foods
    So there I was Friday morning, shopping at the grossly overpriced U-Mart. I noticed a while back that they would place some items that were approaching their sell-by date near the cashier and price them less than their fresh counterparts. While checking out, I decided I wanted a Moon Pie. I hadn’t had one in a while and they had quite a few at the counter, so I grabbed one for 45 cents and took off to enjoy it.
    I opened up my Moon Pie, took a bite and instantly knew that it had long passed its sell-by date. I checked the wrapper just to make sure, and there it was: 11-28-05. Almost three months ago they were supposed to have stopped selling it. It’s one thing to sell things above market price; it’s another thing to overcharge me for something you shouldn’t be allowed to sell in the first place. Whoever is running the U-Mart better give an explanation for their stale gross Moon Pies.

    Anthony Ciaravella
    computer engineering junior

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