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    Police Beat

    Man cited for extreme DUI

    Police arrested a man for multiple DUI counts Jan. 27 at 2:56 a.m.

    While conducting a traffic stop, an officer asked another officer to check on a car that had driven by with a blown-out tire. The second officer located the vehicle, which was driving fast enough to make the ruined tire smoke. The vehicle was pulled over near the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Drachman Street.

    The officer noticed that the driver’s side front window was down as he approached the car and immediately smelled a strong odor of intoxicants. The driver was swaying in his seat as well. The officer asked the man for his license, registration and proof of insurance. After showing the officer his ID, the man pulled out expired registration and showed it to the officer. The officer informed him that it was not up to date and he wanted to see the current registration. The man put the paper back into the glove box and after rummaging in it pulled out the same expired registration and gave it to the officer. The officer explained to him that he needed to see current registration. The man replied that he understood with slurred speech.

    The female passenger was asked for identification. The woman’s information showed that she had a warrant from Maricopa County. She was informed that she needed to get in contact with them to take care of the matter.

    The officer went to his vehicle to get DUI paperwork and told the man he would look at his registration when he returned. When he came back to the car, the man said that he did not find the registration or proof of insurance.

    The man was asked to step out of the vehicle. He did, but grabbed the driver’s side door frame for stability. The officer and the man moved to a better-lit area to perform a field sobriety test. The woman was also questioned.

    She told officers that she and the man had been drinking that evening. After a few more questions, she was told she could leave.

    The man was taken to a University of Arizona Police Department station to perform a breath analysis test. The man was given the test twice, and had Blood Alcohol Content of .154 and .153.

    Because his BAC was higher than .15, the man’s vehicle was impounded. The man was cited and released for DUI-slightest degree, DUI with a BAC greater than .08, and extreme DUI with a BAC greater than .15.

    Heart transplant patient faints

    A woman was taken to University Medical Center after fainting Jan. 28, at 10:15 p.m.

    Police responded to the area near South Hall, 1042 E South Campus Dr., in reference to a woman who had passed out. When they arrived, they saw bystanders administering rescue breathing and chest compressions. Police assessed the situation and then began to administer CPR. The Tucson Fire Department arrived on scene shortly after and took over the CPR.

    The woman was transported to UMC, where her husband told officers that they had just left a performance at Centennial Hall. He had left the family to go get the car. When he came back, his wife was unconscious on the ground. The man said he attempted to give her CPR, but he had minimal training.

    The man also told officers that his wife had a heart transplant nine years ago and was due for another one. They were trying to get her on the list.

    When police left the woman was in stable condition and was being transferred to the ICU.

    Underage women drink on campus

    Two women were cited and released for being minors in possession of alcohol Jan. 30 at 8:20 p.m.

    A police aide observed two women sitting in some chairs on the south side of the Learning Services building, 1512 E First St. The women were in possession of a large glass container with a light colored liquid in it. They both had a drinking cup that contained a liquid in it as well.

    The police aide notified officers.

    When the woman saw the police car pull up, they put the bottle behind a small pillar. Police made contact with the women, and asked them what was in their cups. Both said that it was water. Reports noted that the “”water”” smelled like alcohol.

    The police aide told the officers where the bottle was. It was a one liter bottle of Fish Eye Chardonnay that was approximately two-thirds empty. The two women denied having any knowledge about the bottle of alcohol. The women were then asked to take a portable breath test. Both refused, and eventually told officers that the bottle was theirs. They said that they “”would just take the citation.””

    Both women told officers that they were under 21-years-old. When the officers confiscated the bottle, one of the women told them, “”We didn’t drink all of that tonight. It had been drunken from before.””

    Both women were cited and released for being minors in possession of alcohol. They were also referred to the Dean of Student’s Office.

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