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    In response to “UA prof to be honored as Arizona Professor of the Year” (byBrittny Mejia, Nov. 14):

    This is the first thing I have read this morning. It is truly inspiring. I will go into my classes today with more resolve to make meaningful connections with my students, and, in general, to take the hits and put in long hours.

    I enjoyed learning about Albrecht Classen’s father and his influence on him, about Albrecht’s passion and his thoughts about passion. Congratulations, Albrecht, for the honor.

    — Maria Cecelia Ruiz

    For years, we have all known that Albrecht is a great teacher, scholar and member of our community. He is blessed with an equally wonderful wife.


    Ted Downing,
    Res. professor of social development and former state legislator

    In response to “The beginnings of the ZonaZoo: a look at its history” (by James Kelley, Nov. 9):

    So maybe the ‘Zoo isn’t perfect for each and every event, it’s still a terrific program and it rocks! Long live the ZonaZoo!

    — Silver Surfer

    In response to “Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner’s sentencing shows progress in end of death penalty” (by Nyles Kendall, Nov. 14):

    Unless Loughner can bring back the lives that he took, he really can’t make amends for what he did, it’s impossible.

    “Taking an eye for an eye is the same as taking an eye, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner the death penalty will be proven useless.”

    You’re actually arguing that the eyesight of the emergency surgeon who saved Gabby’s life is of the same value as Loughner’s eyesight, like when he used it to aim his gun. I rest my case.

    — DP

    If he’s “mentally troubled”, spending 7 life sentences plus 140 years isn’t going to make him sane enough to “reflect” on anything as a regular minded person or make amends. This is a joke.

    — Nix

    Actually, it is quite possible that in that time his mental illness could be cured. Then he could receive his proper punishment, which would be self-imposed.

    Then he’d probably want to take advantage of another evolving law: assisted suicide. Then we could punish him by saying “No, you cannot avoid your pain.”

    Then he could evolve beyond the desire to avoid his pain. And he could live with it. Then who knows…

    — Jeromeyers

    How many people did he kill? Did you say he is going to be clothed, fed and cared for the rest of his life? Did you say justice was done? If that is not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…stupid really.


    The death penalty is an expensive way to satisfy bloodlust. All European countries, save Belarus, have outlawed it – why haven’t we?

    — Javi

    In response to “Guest column: UA, regents must take clear stance against Arizona’s SB 1070” (by Geoffrey Boyce, Nov. 14):

    My God, it’s like the Wildcat isn’t even trying to be balanced anymore. This is pathetic.

    — thekevinshow1990

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