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    Four Tucson hideouts from the undead

    Courtesy of Flickr

    When the zombies invade, you need a secure location to hole up in until the Army comes and saves you. This might take years, if it ever happens at all, so you should find a place that is impenetrable, comfortable and — preferably — awesome. Here are the best places to go while the dead walk:

    Davis Monthan Air Force Base

    It’s secure, it has living space, and considering its military associations, it probably has weapons. The potential for deadly riots is a serious consideration here, though. Everyone in town will be trying to get in for safety, and the military will be trying to keep them out. Maybe wait for the riots to end to see how that pans out.

    Picacho Peak rest area

    Forty miles from the Tucson metro area, the danger of running into zombies will be significantly lessened. Picacho Peak, normally a stop for tourists and bikers, could be a great stop for survivors. There’s a Dairy Queen, a gift shop and an “adult boutique,” so you’re set for supplies. And if the undead horde does come trundling over the horizon, you can climb the peak and watch them struggle feebly to follow you up the steep slope.

    Biosphere 2

    This location has the same distance advantage as Picacho Peak, but with the bonus of being able to grow all your own food. It’s a closed and self-sufficient environment, so once you and your companions are set up inside, it will be difficult for any contagions, nuclear fallout or reanimated corpses to get inside and kill you.

    San Xavier del Bac Mission

    They built churches to last back in the Spanish mission days, because a church was also a fort and a housing compound. This is probably the best you’re going to get without building a castle out in the desert, because San Xavier basically is a castle out in the desert. It’s removed enough from the central Tucson area to avoid max zombie population density, while still being close enough for supply runs into the city. It’s defensible, it’s nice to look at, it has its own well — and most people won’t think to go there.

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