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    “On the Spot: Cady Schnitzer, pre-business marketing management sophomore”

    Have you been following the Mel Gibson, Oksana (Grigorieva) phone message, verbal abuse drama?

    Oh yeah, it’s all over E!

    OK, so I heard that they wanted Mel Gibson to appear in “”The Hangover 2,”” but apparently the cast did not want that at all. How would you feel if he did make an appearance, do you think he deserves it?

    I wouldn’t really care if he made an appearance or not, but I have also heard that he is horrible to work with and he yells a lot at the cast. In addition, I’ve heard he is abusive to women and he’s apparently a terror to work with, so no.

    Have you ever had an experience similar to the one of “”The Hangover””? Like any crazy mornings that you found animals in your house?

    Yeah, I’m trying to think. We had a birthday party for one of my roommates a few weeks ago, Alize; a lot of people know her. So there are five of us that live together, and we thought it would be a really good idea for all five of us to each invite, like, all of our friends. So there was like 250 people in our house that can’t fit that many. The next morning we woke up and felt like we lived in a frat house. There was broken glass everywhere, pictures had fallen down, the whole house was sticky and dirty. It was the biggest joke. Our friend walks in and goes “”This smells worse than D. Chi. I would rather sit in the D. Chi bathroom and watch TV than sit on your couch.”” We proceeded to not clean for three days, then we finally did.

    So no more parties for you guys?

    No. There was not a lion though. No lions, no tigers.

    What is something in the near future for you on your path?

    Well, this summer I want to intern in L.A. I have a friend who was with Taylor Swift last year, working with a promotion company, so I am hoping she can hook me up with a sick internship because I really want to work in PR with, like, music and movies.

    Who would you want to represent?

    I would for sure want to be Kid Cudi’s personal assistant, or represent him. He is so awesome. He is just so adorable, he knows his crap and he knows what’s up in life. I mean, I am going to be Kid Cudi’s personal assistant.

    Favorite Kid Cudi song?

    “”5 Ways To Make a Record.”” He’s alternative, he’s deep and his music sounds so, so different. Big fan, big fan.

    Caroline Nachazel

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