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    Police Beat: April 26, 2012

    Police pester

    A female University of Arizona Police Department police aide was locking the southeast door of the Modern Language buildings when she heard someone walk by and say, “Fuck you.” She turned around and said, “Excuse me?” The male student replied, “Yeah, you heard me, fuck you, you fucking pig, I hate you.” The woman called for backup and told officers she was concerned for her safety. Officers arrived at the scene, and the woman told them the man was last seen at the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center.

    When the woman and officers walked into the ILC, she pointed the man out. As officers approached the student, he stood up and began walking away. He then turned around and asked, “Are you looking for me?” The officers said yes, and asked to speak with him outside regarding what he said to the police aide. When they went outside, he told them, “I was just expressing my opinion.” Officers said there was no need for him to curse at her, and asked for his ID. He replied, “I don’t have any, and you guys are trying to embarrass me and fuck me over.” Officers told him they were just trying to figure out what happened. He answered “no comment” to all of their questions, but handed them his CatCard.

    They wrote his name down and asked him if he disliked police officers, to which he said, “No comment.” Officers filled out a Code of Conduct violation and referred him to the Dean of Students Office.

    In a rush

    A female student called UAPD because she hit a Nissan truck in the Park Avenue Parking Garage at 8:23 p.m. on Monday. She told officers that she was unable to leave a note because she was running late to class and did not have a pen. She said when she came back from class, she hoped to see the car still parked there, but it was gone so she went home. Officers arrived at her home and she showed them 2-inch-long scrapes above the rear passenger wheel. Officers took photographs of her vehicle and placed them in Property and Evidence at UAPD. The officers explained to her that the owner of the Nissan truck had to decide whether to press criminal charges.

    No place to go

    UAPD officers were patrolling campus near the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall when they saw a male student urinating outside the hall at 2:32 a.m. on Monday. Officers approached the man and told him it’s illegal to urinate in public. He replied, “I’m sorry officer, I had to go and there was no place to go.”

    The officers smelled alcohol coming from his breath and noticed he had red, watery eyes and slurred speech. They asked if he had been drinking earlier that night, and he told them he had a beer at an off-campus party. Officers cited him for minor in possession of alcohol in body and criminal littering. He was referred to the Dean of Students Office for a Code of Conduct violation.

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