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We have Sheen enough

Sunday was a huge day for America and pop culture: Charlie Sheen received his 3 millionth follower on Twitter; let’s pop open some bottles.

This means that 3 million people receive Sheen’s life updates and intership offers he claims to be a “”chance to own the ‘win’ in winning..! look in the mirror. ignite your warrior. follow my lead,”” he tweeted. Sheen’s life, and twitter, now revolve around his upcoming one-man tour, the two “”goddesses”” that cater to his every need, custody battles with his ex and a porn star intern.

If Sheen were not in his current position for these manic scenes, he would be referred to as The Man.

Money, cars, clothes and hoes, Sheen has got it all these days, receiving more attention now than ever.

At what is essentially the lowest point in his career, after being fired from one of the best jobs in the world as star of the hit sitcom “”Two and a Half Men,”” Sheen has somehow managed to stay on top of the game. Of course, it all depends on how success is defined. Generally, people are considered successful when they have accomplished goals and have someone to share it with. Check and check for Charlie; his tour sold out within 18 minutes, according to TMZ, and he celebrated with his two goddesses and a porn star intern.

The five-star hotel stays, sexy limber women and references to himself as a “”warlock”” seem to be Sheen’s way of coping with his release from CBS. Since his Jan. 27 hospitalization, America has tuned in to witness Sheen’s wild episodes. Although almost every news anchor, pop-culture fiend and celebrity has been bashing Sheen, none can deny the success the crazy has brought him. Melissa Rivers was caught saying she would want to produce Sheen’s reality show, which has been in discussion. Several other A-List celebs, including Rush Limbaugh and Ben Affleck, mentioned that they would definitely attend his show and are encouraging people to go. What happened to rehab and professional help? Dr. Drew, we need you up in this bitch.

After adding a few last minute dates to his show in Radio City Music Hall, Sheen’s battery will hopefully run out. Although his continuation of rants, rages and unpredictable one-liners are beyond entertaining, the poor man needs a break. The curtain needs to close.

If he is truly unhealthy and under the influence, he, unfortunately, will not run out of money like most drug addicts, but will end up in the hospital again for his “”sorry for partying”” lifestyle.

Sheen’s lifestyle as a Hollywood failure may be a publicity “”win,”” but is still a personal and professional train wreck.

— Caroline Nachazel is a sophomore studying journalism and communication. She can be reached at

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