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    Police Beat: April 1

    Next time keep your mouth shut

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the Coronado Residence Hall on Saturday at 3:41 a.m. after two residents called to report an assault.

    The officer met with the two UA students, one of whom had been injured by an unknown man.

    The woman said she and some friends were standing in the fifth floor hallway when two men in their 20s walked by. She reported that one of the men had long dark hair and the other had short, curly blonde hair.

    One of the women made a comment about the man’s long hair and he turned around and said, “”What did you say to me?””

    Her friend told the officer the woman called the man a “”faggot.””

    She said the man then pushed the woman who had spoken and when she tried to kick him, he pushed her to the ground. While on the ground, the man kicked her right thigh and then her right ankle, scraping some skin off.

    The man then got on the elevator and left.

    The woman’s friend said that while he was assaulting the woman, she tried to help and lost her cell phone in the process.

    After the man with the long hair left, the friend asked the other man if he had her cell phone, but he said he did not.

    The women and the unknown man got in the elevator to go to the lobby and she asked him again if he took her phone. He said he had picked it up, but dropped it while trying to break up the fight.

    After talking with the man, the woman said he left the building and started walking west toward Euclid Avenue.

    The officer took photos of the woman’s injuries and the memory card was placed into property as evidence.

    UAPD patrol cars circled the area looking for the men, but they could not be found.

    Both women were given victim’s rights forms.

    Ed Hardy makes koozies?

    A UAPD officer on foot patrol asked for a records check for a woman walking in the UA mall area Saturday at 11:01 a.m.

    The records check showed she had a misdemeanor warrant through Tucson Police Department. The warrant was for failure to appear in court for previous charges of driving under the influence.

    The woman was arrested and placed in handcuffs.

    The officer searched the woman’s property and found a glass pipe with marijuana residue left on it in her jacket. In her purse, the officer found two glass pipes, both with marijuana residue left on them. He also found a plastic baggie with metal filters for the pipes, a packet of cigarette wrappers, an ashtray, an empty blunt wrapper and an Ed Hardy koozie.

    The woman was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. She was transported and booked to Pima County Jail.

    The pipes were sent to the Department of Public Safety for testing and the rest of the evidence was placed into UAPD property.

    Men vomiting leads to three MIPs

    A UAPD officer arrived at the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall Saturday at 12:44 a.m. after getting a call about two men vomiting in the third floor restroom.

    The officer spoke with one of the men in the bathroom.

    The man did not have any identification on him and smelled of alcohol, and his eyes were red and watery.

    The man told the officer he was visiting a friend from California. He admitted to drinking and told the officer that he was sorry.

    A records check showed the man was underage and he was cited for minor in possession in body.

    After talking with the other man, the officer saw that he was drunk and also appeared to be underage. He was cited and released for minor in possession in body.

    The officer then went to the dorm room of the woman the men said they were staying with. After speaking with the woman, the officer reported that she also smelled of alcohol and had red watery eyes. She was cited for minor in possession in body.

    Actually yes, I have a Glock …

    A UAPD officer heard a loud banging sound coming from Fremont Avenue and Helen Street during a check of the Park Garage Saturday at 4:43 a.m.

    The officer saw two men walking in the area and asked them about the noise.

    Both men told the officer they were coming from the 7-Eleven store at Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. They said they walked through the parking garage on their way to their apartment at Zona Verde at 1201 E. Drachman St.

    The officer asked if they had been banging on anything and they said they had not.

    When the officer asked one of the men if he had any weapons on him, he said, “”Actually yes, I have a gun in my coat pocket.””

    The man was placed in handcuffs and the officer pulled a Glock model 23 .40 caliber handgun from his right coat pocket.

    From the man’s pant pocket, the officer pulled out a Glock .40 caliber magazine fully loaded with 13 bullets. The man also had a black expandable baton in his back pocket.

    The officer asked the other man if he had any weapons on him and he said he had a knife in his back pocket.

    The officer put handcuffs on the other man and removed a 4-inch chrome blade from the man’s pocket.

    The man told the officer the gun was a gift from a friend in Scottsdale because his friend did not think Tucson was safe.

    The man told the officer he carries the gun at all times because he can’t carry a cop in his back pocket to protect him.

    The man was cited and released for carrying a deadly weapon without a permit to carry a concealed weapon on his person. The gun, magazine and bullets were placed into property as evidence.

    A Code of Conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students for one of the men.

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