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POLICE BEST 05/02/2018: The Unusual Suspects

Alex McIntyre
A University of Arizona Police Department officer makes a call while standing by the Koffler building on the UA campus.

After school special 

The Highland Market supervisor called the University of Arizona Police Department on March 23 to help him nab the latest shoplifting suspect: a middle schooler.

The suspect was described as being a 12-year-old boy wearing what appeared to be the uniform required at Mansfeld Magnet Middle School.

Dispatch gave the description of the suspect to a UAPD officer who circled the area around the middle school, but did not spot anyone who matched the description. 

The officer met with the supervisor, who said that Mansfeld students shoplifting from the market was an ongoing problem. 

According to the supervisor, at around 3:50 p.m., one of the market employees noticed a boy who they suspected to be concealing a pack of Sour Patch gummies and a strawberry ice cream bar. 

The supervisor approached the boy and asked him about shoplifting. The boy then removed the ice cream bar from the front pocket of his hoodie.

The supervisor told the boy that he would have to address his actions, at which point the boy walked out of the store. When he walked out, he had a bag of potato chips in his hand which he did not pay for .

A technical issue prevented the officer from viewing the security camera footage of the incident, but the supervisor said he would send in the footage as soon as possible.

The total value of the stolen items was $5.17 before tax. The supervisor told the officer that he wanted to press charges if the suspect was found.

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Hot wheels

The UAPD was called to aid the Tucson Fire Department at the scene of a burning car at approximately 5 p.m. on April 22. 

When the officer arrived on scene at a parking lot on Anklam Road, the TFD was already in the process of extinguishing the smoking vehicle. Not long after, officers from the Tucson Police Department .

The UAPD officer noted the vehicle showed signs of having been involved in a collision. Damage to the front of the vehicle included the hood appearing bent upward along its width.

After informing a TPD officer of his discovery, the UAPD officer left the scene, but returned after seeing a front bumper and broken glass on the south side of a nearby street. He informed the TPD officer of his findings.

The TPD officer asked the UAPD officer to speak with and determine the sobriety of the woman associated with the vehicle.

After requesting to speak with her, the woman agreed. She asked if she could remove her shoes and the UAPD officer permitted it.

The woman mentioned having been in a collision in her vehicle before it caught on fire.

The UAPD officer administered a field sobriety test on the woman. She exhibited multiple signs of being under the influence. 

The UAPD officer reported the results of the test to the TPD officer. The TPD officer arrested the woman for Driving While Impaired to the Slightest Degree.

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