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    Police Beat

    Man found drinking in public; beer confiscated
    A man was cited for drinking in public after he was found in an alley Monday.

    A police aide called officers after finding a man in an alley near the Sixth Street parking lots. The aide asked the man if he was all right because he was lying in the alley. The man responded by saying that he was fine, just drinking his beers. Officers arrived and notified the man that drinking in public was against the law. He did not seem to care and continued drinking in front of the officer.

    The man was cited and released for consuming alcohol in public. Officers confiscated his beer as well.

    Man throws marijuana out dorm window, is cited for possession
    A man was cited and released for possession of marijuana Wednesday.

    Police responded to a call from a resident assistant in La Paz dorm, 602 E. Highland Ave., reporting a strong smell of marijuana in the hallway. When police arrived they located the room that they thought the smell was coming from. They knocked on the door and waited for over a minute before a man answered it. The officers asked if they could enter the room and the man said yes. Upon entering they saw another man in the room throw something out of an open window and a fan blowing air in the direction of the window.

    Police identified the other man and asked him what he had thrown out the window. He did not respond. Police told the men why they were there and the man next to the window told them that he had been smoking weed around campus about 15 minutes earlier. He said that he came back to the room after smoking a joint. Police then asked him if he had thrown marijuana out of the window. The man said yes. One of the officers took him outside where they located a small Ziploc baggie that contained what appeared to be marijuana. The man told officers that it was only his, and his roommate had not smoked or had anything to do with the marijuana. The other officer questioned the other man, who said that he does not smoke weed and that it was his roommate’s.

    The student was cited and released for possession of marijuana. He was also referred to the dean of students for a code of conduct violation.

    Police make multiple arrests at fraternity event
    Police were called to help Tucson Police Department shut down a Greek Life date dash for underage drinking Thursday.

    Police responded to Bum Steer on Stone Avenue for a health and morals check due to underage drinkers. The University of Arizona Police Department made contact with the president of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity to determine what was happening. A Tucson Police Department officer informed the UAPD officers that they had told the man he needed to stop the party and vacate the premises due to underage drinking. The man told officers that the event was a sanctioned Gamma event and that the party was in his name, so TPD had no authority to shut it down. The officer said the man was very argumentative, uncooperative and kept asking for UAPD to respond to the call instead.

    UAPD said upon their arrival the man walked away from TPD, got into his car and tried to leave. When asked, he said that there was a communication issue with TPD and that he wanted to talk to UAPD because they understood Gamma events. The man told officers that he had not been arguing with TPD, but felt that they had no right to shut down the event. TPD told UAPD that they thought this was the first time the man had been cooperative that night.

    Because the scheduled event was over shortly after, officers told the man that he should go back to his fraternity and look after his guests. While they were talking to him, UAPD saw another man sitting in a patrol vehicle, who began to yell and swear at the police officers.

    Police asked the fraternity president if the man was part of the fraternity, who confirmed that, “”unfortunately, he (was).”” The man was taken to Pima County Jail where he was booked for obstructing a government operation and trespassing. Another man was arrested on charges of obstructing a peace officer in performance of duties and trespassing.

    Officers also told TPD that a female officer had been assaulted by a man in the fraternity on the bus while he attempted to go back to the fraternity. The officer told the man to get off the bus and he resisted. She then tried to force him off the bus and he struck her in the shoulder. An unknown drunk female on the bus then got involved and had to be removed from the bus. The officer got the man’s name, but was unable to arrest him before the bus left. TPD said the man would be arrested once he was located for aggravated assault on a police officer. Attempts to locate the man were unsuccessful. Police were given his cell phone number, but not his address. A message was left on his cell phone to contact UAPD.

    There were seven arrests made for underage drinking at the event. Greek Life was also called and briefed on the situation.

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