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    Your Views: September 24

    In response to “Divest UA campaign to raise awareness about fossil fuels” (Meghan Fernandez, Sept. 16)

    Thank you for your coverage of Divest UA. At the same time, however, that we work to curtail pollution we need to encourage more INVESTMENT in the solution.

    We at the UA — as a preeminent research institution — already have several great projects underway.

    Still, we can do much more. As a sustainable studies major, I think it is important to look at this crisis as a win-win-win opportunity. It can be a win for (1) research and development endowments and grants, which can lead to (2) an array of exciting green products and processes that help the environment, AND in turn can lead to (3) many good green jobs for our graduates.

    As a land-grant [university,] the UA has long been a pioneer institution. Over the years, our research has helped innovate and develop cutting edge technologies and process used worldwide.
    And because “Cats Care,” we can and must help lead the way now.

    Melvin Parlay, Class of 2016

    In response to “Islam not root cause of ISIS” (Tom Johnson, Sept. 23)

    Dean is terrorizing people and is creating an unsafe environment; I personally try to avoid that part of the [UA] Mall in the afternoons in case he’s there, because I’ve heard horror stories about him harassing people and even spitting on them. He has done this for years, and nobody has done anything to stop him from spewing his hate speech. When will the [Arizona] Board of Regents finally do something about him?


    First of all, “Brother” Dean is just being an attention whore. And what is law enforcement or the courts going to do about it? They can’t really do anything about it, because he’s allowed to say whatever he wants, even if people think what he says is “terrorizing people.”

    And these “horror stories” about him harassing people or spitting on them? Ultimately, it comes down to a subjective case that will just let him off because there isn’t enough evidence. The definition of harassment, amongst other legal definitions, becomes too subjective to the point that if he does get convicted for something, the conviction will be overturned on appeal, because he was tried in a court of public opinion before he was tried in a court of law. In short, there are no real objective findings that keep him off these premises.

    If we remove Brother Dean, then we have to remove all the feminists and other various attention whores (good or bad) that arise on this campus. Then again, in my honest opinion, I think they’re all just trying to feed off other people’s attention. Brother Dean just likes … contentious issues.


    While he is exercising his right to assembly and thus police can’t get involved, he is violating the Student Code of Conduct, which means the Dean of Students [Office] needs to get involved. Also, the fact that he uses a bullhorn near classrooms, and I did have a friend who said it was hard to hear her Spanish professor in the classroom because all she could hear was Dean, and she was on the third or fourth floor. Those facts alone should be enough to get him expelled, at the very least.

    In response to “ASUA not discouraged by forum attendance” (Meghan Fernandez, Sept. 23)

    I think that this type of outreach — from [the Associated Students of the University of Arizona] to the student body population — is the most important thing to focus on. When I read the “Empty Seats” article on Monday, I felt like the author was diminishing the value of this outreach. If ASUA can reach out to one or five or 100 students and help them gain more political efficacy and interest in this upcoming governor election, that should be considered a great accomplishment. As a student who attended the event on Sunday, I can say that I am very appreciative to have [had] the opportunity to watch this live debate and learn more about the candidates in the running for governor of Arizona. Thank you, ASUA, and I look forward to future efforts toward this campaign.
    UA student

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