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ASUA executive branch endorsements

The Daily Wildcat editorial board individually interviewed 21 of the 24 candidates running to represent students in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. Board members could easily tell which candidates would be able to live up to that goal. The people who are the student voice in tuition and fee discussions, have thousands of dollars at their disposal and oversee all recognized clubs on campus should be knowledgable, logical and elequent. The following candidates stand out among their competition and understand how to work to solve ASUA’s weaknesses.  


James Allen

The ASUA presidential race between James Allen and Daniel Hernandez is easily the most interesting. But, though Hernandez was a much more prominent figure and is fully qualified to lead, James Allen demonstrates a refreshing and necessary critical eye.

Allen serves as current ASUA President Emily Fritze’s chief of staff. He is also the ASUA representative on the Arizona Student Media Board. His platform is built on access, affordability and accountability. Allen will argue against increases in fees, calling them the “”backdoor route for dramatically increasing the overall cost of attendance.”” He’ll also re-evaluate ASUA’s budget to cut out waste. Allen was one of two candidates to suggest a stipend cut.

In his campaign, Allen promises to be “”real, relatable, and honest.”” As the only candidate to voluntarily criticize ASUA’s most illogical decisions, we’re confident that he’s two out of three. Relatable? Less so, but only because we suspect that Allen’s work ethic makes it hard for anyone to keep up. Under his direction, ASUA is sure to hold itself to a higher standard, and the Wildcat is proud to endorse him.

Bryan Ponton

As a junior studying journalism and art history, a member of the Charles Darwin Experience improv troupe and former Daily Wildcat arts writer, Bryan Ponton doesn’t come across as your typical candidate for ASUA executive vice president. But Ponton has served as a club advocate in the Club Resource Center and is unwaveringly committed to the job. Ponton plans to pair up smaller clubs for fundraising opportunities, arguing that efforts like Spring Fling are tailored to larger clubs. Ponton also pledges to revamp the club recognition and renewal process in order to make it easier for clubs to connect with resources.

Ponton also promises to demand monthly reports and senator-student forums from senators to hold them accountable to their goals.

He has an unmatched energy for UA clubs, and unlike many in ASUA, he understands that ASUA must cater to its constituents, not the other way around. For this, the Wildcat endorses Bryan Ponton for executive vice president.

Brett Ponton

Although Brittany Steinke was a formidable opponent, Brett Ponton is the more viable candidate for ASUA administrative vice president. Ponton, who is running for a second term, already knows how the office works and has identified where it needs improvement. As he explained, it takes a semester for ASUA representatives to settle into the position before they actually begin doing anything productive. Ponton’s previous experience in office allows him to skip that time and go straight to work.

Ponton proposes a coalition of organizations within the Programs and Services branch of ASUA, which will work together toward philanthropy efforts. He also proposes creating a blog for Programs and Services, and requiring each director within the branch to regularly update on the program’s progress throughout the year.

Ponton’s focus on improving pre-existing programs and services within ASUA, instead of creating new ones and wasting resources, embodies the kind of efficiency everyone should expect from ASUA. For this, the Daily Wildcat endorses him for administrative vice president.

Endorsements for ASUA candidates are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board. Board members are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright. They can be reached at

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