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    On the spot

    On the spot

    We spotted Birgit Davis, a native of Germany, riding down East University Boulevard in a pack of helmeted Segway riders. We talked a few minutes later at the Alumni Plaza, where the riders stopped.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. So how long have you been doing the Segway thing?

    Davis: About 45 minutes.

    W: Did you come from Germany to do the Segways?

    D: No, we’re here seeing family.

    W: What inspired you to do this?

    D: We have guided city tours in Germany, but we can’t afford them. They’re way too expensive.

    W: Do you ever feel like a character from “”Minority Report”” riding it?

    D: No, not really.

    W: Have you ever fallen?

    D: No. The hardest thing was getting on it the first time because it’s so totally contrary to everything else that you’re used to. Your balance is all off, you’re wobbling all over the place. It takes you about 10 minutes before you get your balance right, but then it feels totally natural. I could do this all day.

    W: Could you do jumping jacks on it?

    D: I couldn’t even do jumping jacks on my feet.

    W: When you’re riding on a Segway, do you ever get the urge to run someone over?

    D: Yes!

    W: Why?

    D: Because it would be fun.

    W: The good thing about Segways though is that if you ran someone over, they wouldn’t even really get hurt.

    D: Actually, you can’t run anybody over because it stops as soon as you touch an obstacle.

    W: Say you’re drunk Segway-driving one night after you leave Che’s Lounge, and you hit a tree. It just stops for you?

    D: If it hits an obstacle, it stops.

    W: That’s a good idea. What if you’re trying to run away from someone, and they’re chasing you and you just get on your Segway and go, but then you hit rocky terrain. Do you think it’ll still go or do you think it’ll stop and you’ll be screwed?

    (Leader of the group): We have an off-road Segway.

    W: Instead of bikers, I think the way of the future is going to be Segway gangs. They still dress like bikers, but they ride Segways.

    D: (Laughs)

    W: Have you ever wanted to Segway naked?

    D: The thought hasn’t occurred to me, but now that you mention it…

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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