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    Video games to look out for in 2012


    While 2011 was a good year for video games, 2012 looks to be even better. Even though it’s only January, there are still a handful of huge games set to come out this year. Here’s a look at some of them and why you’ll want to keep an eye on them:

    “Final Fantasy XIII-2”
    Jan. 31, PS3/Xbox 360

    To many unfamiliar with the games themselves, this just looks like another of the thousand “Final Fantasy” games. Even those who played the first installment of “XIII” will look at this game skeptically, after its predecessor failed to impress most critics. “XIII-2” will be a much better game though, thanks to the fact that developer Square Enix took advice from players. “XIII-2” will have the same paradigm-based battle system as before, but the world is now more open instead of linear, which is the most important thing. Another exciting facet of the game is the “Historia Crux,” a device that allows players to travel through time, affecting the game world and letting them replay parts they’ve already finished. From where things stand now, “XIII-2” should redeem the “Final Fantasy” series and be the best game to drop for months.

    “SoulCalibur V”
    Jan. 31, PS3/Xbox 360

    It’s been just under four years since “SoulCalibur IV” hit the shelves, and the popular arcade fighter is finally returning. There are some tweaks to the gaming, but the basic idea remains the same — take control of one of 25 characters and fight your way to finding one of two legendary blades, either the Soul Calibur or Soul Edge. Many of the old favorites have returned, especially the scantily clad and well-endowed females who often turn heads for their extreme proportions and their shameless exploitation. There are a handful of new characters though, including a guest appearance by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a major character in the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise.

    _“Mass Effect 3” _
    March 6, PS3/Xbox 360/Windows

    Finally, and sadly, one of the best video game series of all times is coming to an end this March. Cmdr. Shepard will have to thwart a massive invasion of life-consuming, sentient cyborgs that are bigger than any building ever built by mankind. Developer BioWare looks to have outdone itself again with another slight revamp of the gameplay. More role-playing game elements have returned, though it’s still an action-heavy game. Combat itself has been smoothed over and looks to flow much better too. The story should be an epic adventure, the likes of which will not be forgotten by gamers — ever. If you get one game this year, make it “Mass Effect 3.”

    “Prototype 2”
    April 24, PS3/Xbox 360/Windows

    There’s a good chance many gamers never played the first “Prototype,” but it would be foolish to miss this game. It’s an open world action game that has the player, another carrier of the blacklight virus, seeking revenge on the protagonist of the first game. As one of the infected, the player will be able to consume and transform into almost anyone and turn their body into a multitude of weapons. Almost everything has been improved, especially the story, from the looks of it — and it’s a much needed change. With what looks to be a good story and awesome gameplay, “Prototype 2” is shaping up to be one of the sleeper hits of the year.

    “Bioshock Infinite”
    2012, PS3/Xbox 360/Windows

    The “Bioshock” series is one of the most acclaimed to come out in recent times, thanks to its exciting gameplay and unique, engaging story. This time, instead of exploring the depths of the underwater city Rapture, players will find themselves in another failed utopian society: the city Columbia, floating high in the sky, hidden from the rest of the world. The same RPG elements remain in the action game, but there are some changes players should enjoy. The addition of Sky-Lines, an on-rails way of getting around the city, should be a fine addition. There’s also the unique powers of Elizabeth, a companion in the second-half of the game, that will mark a change from the dynamic of the first two games.

    — Jason Krell is assistant copy chief for the Daily Wildcat. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatArts.

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