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    Police Beat: January 25

    Acid Trip

    A UA male student was taken to the University of Arizona Medical Center while under the influence of acid at 4 a.m. on Jan. 22.

    UAPD found the man after receiving reports of a person screaming near Second Street and Park Avenue. When police arrived the subject was with two other individuals.

    According to the police report, when police asked the man if he was a UA student, the man replied “no” in a normal tone before he “screamed ‘no’ at the top of his lungs.”

    Police asked the man to calm down and asked if anything was wrong.

    “Why do you want to kill me?” the man asked.

    Police then told the man they had no intent of killing him, to which he replied, “Just kill me.”

    The man, who had both hands in his pockets, removed a yellow pencil from his pants before moving toward an officer. The officer then seized the pencil and emptied the subject’s pockets to ensure safety.

    “Go ahead take it,” the man said. “Take it all.”

    UAPD noted the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs, but could not determine what.
    The man, who was standing next to a UAPD patrol car, then lay across the hood with his arms extended out, “as if in a search position.”

    The Tucson Fire Department was then notified to dispatch to the scene because of his unusual behavior. An officer tapped the man on his shoulder to tell him he didn’t need to lie on the hood of the vehicle.

    The man quickly stood up, said “I’m dead,” and attempted to run westbound.
    An officer then grabbed the man’s wrist before the man immediately turned and laid face down with his hands behind his back.

    He was then put in handcuffs before beginning to hit his head on the road. Police grabbed the man’s head and put him in a seated position before he chose to lie on his back. A two-inch in diameter contusion was noted by UAPD on the man’s forehead.

    The man then began to shake rapidly as if he were having a seizure. This lasted for 10 seconds, while UAPD held the man’s upper body and legs to prevent him from injuring himself.

    The man refused to confirm what drug he’d consumed earlier, before he finally responded “acid.”
    TFD then arrived on the scene and transported the subject to UAMC. During the ride, the man’s only comment was, “Do I look like Lord of the Rings?” before appearing to fall asleep.

    The extent of the man’s treatment was unknown, but photos of the man’s forehead wound were taken and placed into UAPD Evidence.

    Strange message

    A UA employee received a disturbing email at 7:09 p.m. on Jan. 21. UAPD spoke with the woman the following the day at the Speech and Hearing Sciences building.

    The email was from a woman unaffiliated with the university.

    “Step up to the plate … can I try a razor cut on either one of you … a slight scalping like that which was given to Sammy-ju before he died … not the major scalping he received … what kind of people are you,” the email read.

    The email wasn’t addressed to the UA employee, but to a person she didn’t know.

    The woman, who sent the email, had worked in the Speech building until 2007, according to the employee. Students had told the worker several times that the subject would “act very strange and say things like she thought people were after her to destroy her.”

    The employee then spoke with a UA student who’d been sent to the woman for help in the past. The student said the woman was paranoid and felt as though the other therapists targeted her.

    The employee said she fears for both her and her coworkers’ safety and that the woman be asked to not return to the UA. She wasn’t contacted but a message was left on her voicemail.

    The employee said she wanted to take part in future criminal proceedings and was issued a victim’s rights form for possible threats. The case was then forwarded to the detective unit.

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