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    “On the Spot: Scott Arellano, pre-business sophomore”

    I hope that you know tonight is the first Miami Heat vs. the Celtics game. Are you pumped, or what’s going on in your mind?

    Well, I am going to the World Series tomorrow, so I’m more into that right now. But, I’m pretty excited for the Celtics. I’m kind of a big fan of them.

    I was praying you were going to be a Miami fan but you are going to the World Series. Where is that and why?

    It’s in San Francisco. Well, I’m a big Giants fan and that’s where I’m from so …

    So you have to go to support?

    I want to show support, but yeah I have to go support.

    Are you missing class for this big event?

    I’m missing one class today, and then tomorrow and Thursday.

    How do your professors feel about that?

    I haven’t told them.

    Yikes, you should probably tell them.

    They don’t really keep attendance because the classes are so big.

    So you are not a Lebron fan? That comes as a shock to me.

    No, I think he’s kind of overrated. I mean he’s good, but I think he’s kind of cocky and I just like other people better.

    Who is your favorite NBA all-star?

    I’d say Kobe, just ‘cause he’s, like, so consistent. He’s been good for days and even though he’s been through some shit, like, he’s still been good. He doesn’t ever fall apart, like, he’s always clutch.

    Do you feel that the Lakers would not be as successful and strong without him, or even successful at all without him?

    They definitely would not be as good. He like brings them a lot of money and that gets people there. Yeah, they definitely would not be as good.

    How do you feel about betting on sports games?

    I do not bet on sports games.


    I feel like it’s just too hard to predict and you lose a lot of money.

    Would you ever gamble on anything in your life?

    Yeah, like I’d go to Las Vegas and gamble. But when I gamble, I’d just set down money and that’s it. I wouldn’t, like, keep spending it.

    Well, what if you knew you were going to win?

    Well then I would keep gambling but you never know, like, why.

    — Caroline Nachazel

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