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    Topic of the Week: The songs getting us through midterms

    Ericka Rios
    Different types of music books to practice jazz, learn string guitar, and concert band music.

    Midterms are, in one word, rough. Tests, presentations and projects all seem to pile up out of nowhere and it can be extremely difficult to find time to unwind. One short and easy way to relax when your stress levels are astronomical is through music. The Opinions Desk knows this all too well and we compiled a list of songs we are all using to get us through midterms. 

    1. Payton Toomey’s Pick: “Freeway” by Briston Maroney

    If you need a song to scream sing, Briston Maroney has you covered with this one. With midterms (and Mercury being very much in retrograde) this song is a must for a solo car or dorm concert. Saying I am obsessed with this song is an understatement. It is following me around everywhere this midterm season and I am offering it to you all to blow off a little steam and tap into your inner teen angst. 

    2. Maggie Landon’s Pick: “Don’t Want To Think About You” by Simple Plan

    This song is the epitome of a great 2000s movie soundtrack and its origin is of course one of the greatest Y2K blockbusters, “Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.” I was looking for songs to play on my radio show last Wednesday and stumbled across this masterpiece. After listening to this song every day since I can say I have found true peace. If you want to feel like you are in an early 2000’s movie montage I suggest you blast this while doing homework or redecorating your room.

    3. Julianna Strano’s Pick: “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

    “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” has been on repeat since the moment it was released a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I have my AirPods in while I am walking through campus, chances are this is the song that I have playing on Spotify. The catchy lyrics and calming vibe of the song make this a perfect one to play in the background while studying for midterms.

    4. Pavas Gupta’s Picks:  “Feel It Again” by Portugal, the Man and “Fred Astaire” by Jukebox the Ghost

    Lately, I’ve been vibing to indie and alt-rock music quite a bit. Some favorites include the recently-rediscovered “Feel It Again” by Portugal, the Man, and “Fred Astaire” by Jukebox the Ghost (both great artists to check out, by the way!). I enjoy throwing myself little study break dance parties or just playing these while doing chores in between essays and such.

    5. Emma Watt’s Pick: “Silk Chiffon” by MUNA

    Midterms are a stressful time, especially when you’ve procrastinated studying and now have to catch up in order to ace your exams. My favorite way to destress is by listening to upbeat music. I’m obsessed with the song “Silk Chiffon” by MUNA, especially the lyrics, “life’s so fun, life’s so fun.” Because to be honest, life isn’t fun this week, but I can pretend it is when listening to this bop. 

    6. Alexzandria Martinez’s Pick: “Before You Gotta Go” by Courtney Barnett

    “Before You Gotta Go” by Courtney Barnett has been getting me through the past month. It is one of her new singles. The direction is unlike her past work, but a reassurance to take one day at a time and see the positive through the pandemic. As students, we are working through unknown times, and midterms are stress and all we can do is stay calm. Barnett’s upcoming album titled, “Things Take Time, Take Time” is funny and clever and exerts how we must listen to ourselves and go with the flow. 

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