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GPSC opposes proposed UA fees

The Graduate and Professional Student Council is against the university’s proposed steep fee increases.

Recently, GPSC and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona released a joint statement opposing the proposed hikes for the Campus Health Service and Student Recreation Center fee, the student Information and Technology fee and the library fee ­­— all of which would more than double under the current university fee proposals.

“”If we don’t give a little bit of ground and take an active role in paying for our education, then who will?”” asked GPSC President David Talenfeld.

GPSC members criticized Talenfeld for a letter he wrote to the Arizona Daily Wildcat that was published on Tuesday. In the letter he stated his personal opinion that certain fee hikes should be approved. This is contrary to the GPSC and ASUA joint resolution he signed and that was issued the same day.

“”It is my opinion, my personal opinion, that some increases in fees should be accepted,”” Talenfeld said. “”It was not my intention in my letter to the Wildcat to state, indirectly or otherwise, that all fee increases should be accepted 100 percent, without scrutiny. I apologize for being so vague.””

A presentation on sustainability was also held to address how current funds can be used to accomplish UA President Robert Shelton’s lofty sustainability goals for the university.

The proposal suggested a $25 student fee, which would be assessed every semester. The fee is necessary to meet emission levels required by the university, according to the plan’s presenter Lon Huber.

“”We are lucky enough to have some of the best climate scientists in the world working here at the UA,”” said Huber, a policy program associate at Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy and business administration graduate student. “”How does it reflect on us as a university if we don’t even listen to our own people?””

Robert Jacobi, a GPSC member and doctoral student of philosophy and aerospace engineering doesn’t think it’s reasonable to ask students to fund President Shelton’s sustainability goals.

“”As far as I am concerned, if the president has pledged to cut campus emissions then he should put his money where his mouth is and not put the burden on students,”” Jacobi said.

Alan Schumacher, a GPSC member and second year medical student, agreed it is not students’ responsibility to fund this plan.

“”What you’re trying to accomplish with this fee is admirable, but my problem is not with the cost or the goal but the approach,”” he said. “”I feel that if the president and the university wants to do something like this, they should fund it.””

Schumacher went on to express his opinion on fee hikes in general.

“”Fee hikes have never made sense to me, especially since most of these fees are covered by tuition anyway,”” he said. “”As grad students we get our tuition covered by the university, so while they will continue to get the same amount of money regardless of whether it’s coming from tuition or fees, any shift in where that money comes from is coming out of our pockets.”” 


GPSC will be holding a special meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. to address Shelton’s forthcoming fee proposal. Please visit for more details.


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