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Community Chatter: April 4, 2012

“No. I would see that as a form of discrimination because I erased that person just because I didn’t agree with their opinions. I might comment on it, but that’s all.”

— Juan Peraza,
finance sophomore

“No, it wouldn’t bother me too much. Everyone has that freedom and their own opinions to do so, and Facebook and America allow you to do that. I see Facebook as a social networking site, and if they want to spend their time writing their political opinions, then I wouldn’t stop them.”

— Anna Elizondo,
undeclared sophomore

“It depends on the relationship I have with them. So if it was my best friend, I would not delete them or comment, but if it was a person I had met once or twice then I would probably delete them.”

— Brittnie Nilson,
agriculture education senior

“I don’t think politics should influence friendship that much and I believe that you are entitled to your opinion. If they posted consistent and annoying political opinions, then I would delete them. I just wouldn’t like it if they were constantly shoving it in people’s faces.”

— Katie Munkdale,
_communication sophomore _

“I wouldn’t delete someone if they are trying to voice their opinion, but if it is consistent and was bothering my beliefs and my characteristics, then yes I would delete them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if they post a status once in a while it wouldn’t bother me.”

Shannon Barr,
pre-business sophomore

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