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Dear Editor,

There was a hurricane in Mexico not too long ago. Hurricane Alex.

It tore up the city of Monterrey. It also tore up a lot of the lies that Mexico tells about itself.

Monterrey needed no outside aid to fix itself because it turns out that Monterrey is rich and powerful.

Even so many Mexicans are forced from their homes to seek work in the United States.

We all know millions are here now. What is not known is that the corrupt and oppressive Mexican government forced them or coerced them into crossing the border illegally.

Our armies are in Afghanistan and Iraq “”rebuilding”” and “”spreading democracy”” and “”encouraging stability”” while right next door our neighbors are suffering under a government that they should have swept away long ago.

People pretend that the people in Mexico are free but the reality for most of the people in Mexico is that they are free to leave. The only ones who enjoy any type of freedom like us here in the United States are members of the few rich families who own nearly all the land in the country and control it like it is their personal toy.

These families have no claim to their position other than through guns, violence and keeping necessities away from their own people.

In order to end “”illegal immigration”” the government of Mexico needs to be changed by invasion, or assisted revolution or we need to open our borders.

Why are we wasting money in Afghanistan?

Alfred Brock

Wayne, Mich.

Yuma does suck, unlike Tucson

Dear incredibly intelligent Heather,

I’ve been trying to get out of Yuma for the past few years, grew up here, moved away to New Mexico and then in 2000 was brought back here against my wishes!

You hear people say: “”Well, it’s a great place to raise kids!”” but that’s all you hear on the positive. What I say is that the great thing about Yuma is that EVERYWHERE you visit (and I mean every other place!) is beautiful! Yuma does make you appreciate anywhere but here!

So I tip my hat to you and thank you for mentioning Yuma in that manner! Great job!


Yuma, Ariz.

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‘Stimulus milestone leaves future uncertain’

The sarcasm and disregard in this article is astounding. According to, the governments stimulus fund tracking and accountability website, the University of Arizona has been granted over $105 million to 23 recipient projects for a total of 102.18 created jobs. That is over $1 million per job created for a package designed to stimulate economic and job growth. Not to mention several projects such as one related to biological systems that created half of a job. And then there is the arguably wasteful spending such as 1.2 million to build rope bridges to save five red squirrel lives per year, or 160k spent for meditation spending. This money does not come from nowhere. It is time for people to realize that WE are paying for this one way or another.


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