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Mailbag: March 22

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On ‘Schools should permit same-sex prom dates,’ March 12

It is shameful that instead of encouraging each student to enjoy their prom, regardless of who they bring as a guest, they cancel the entire thing.

­—Christina Rocha

I have to say I’m grateful for not having this problem at a Tucson High School. I, like my older sister before me, went as a group with my closest friends ‘all of us girls.’ I also had a friend that wore a tux and took her date who chose to wear a dress.

—Michelle Matthews

On ‘Sexual identity does not fit in a box,’ March 10

Our nation was founded and built by people who came together with different backgrounds and blended in to form a unified society. How can it be a good or desirable thing to promote such a high degree of separation within our society? Anyone who favors the expansion of individual liberty should reject a multiculturalism that restricts personal freedom by classifying and identifying people on the basis of unchosen characteristics such as ancestry, sexuality and appearance.

—Christopher R.

On ‘Celebrating women’s history for more than a month,’ March 11

(Margaret Sanger’s) legacy is not her beliefs but rather an organization that still helps millions of women almost 100 years later. We can respect Sanger for her contributions to women’s rights without celebrating her racism, socialism or belief in eugenics. We’re not condoning a policy or beliefs system, we’re remembering a woman who was bold enough to contribute to a paradigm shift in female sexuality. I mean, the Founding Fathers owned (and boned) slaves while refusing to acknowledge their basic human rights, and everyone is okay with that because they made this great nation, right?

—Mary Jane

On ‘Streak is over,’ March 12

Yes, there will be a NEW streak starting next year. Momo (Jones) will lead us, don’t worry. I have watched the ‘Cats for 15 years, and was disappointed this year. But would you rather be ASU and have a coach for a few years, players for a few years, and STILL not make the tourney. I say these ‘Cats played with what they could. Next year starts a new

25-year streak.


A new streak? As much as I hope for one, I really don’t see this coach at UA in the next five years, let alone the team going on another 25-year streak. Truth be told, we are going to start losing the five-star recruits we used to get. Gone are the days when the team is made up of future NBA All-Stars. Honestly, can you really disagree with that? I feel bad for Lute (Olson); the minute he leaves, the program just implodes.


Sean Miller is doing an amazing job! Look at what Lute f****d us over with? Our best player that came back was Jamelle Horne. Miller was the one who brought Wise back, you don’t think he was ready to leave?

Miller did a sensational job getting our recruiting class, give him a break they weren’t all-stars right away. Our team will develop, Miller is a fantastic coach. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen over night. So the streak ends, I honestly think with Miller we are 10 times more likely to win a national championship sooner. Imagine if these freshmen stick around all four years, you tell me if that team would be stoppable? I rather give up the streak and win a national championship some time this decade.

—Sean Miller = God

Too BAD Lute couldn’t bow out with grace. I’m sure a new streak will be starting soon … AND, they did well this season. Nothing lasts forever.

—John Ryzek

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