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    Police Beat: Mar. 31

    Man drinking Natty Ice in ILC vomits on self

    A non-UA affiliated man vomited on himself in the ILC and was arrested for drinking in public on March 25.

    A UAPD officer responded to the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center and spoke with a library employee.

    The employee showed the officer where the man was sitting and said that he vomited on himself while using a computer. The employee also reported that the man was taking drinks from a brown bottle that they believed to be beer.

    The officer met with the man at a computer terminal on the south end of the ILC.

    The man appeared extremely intoxicated and on vomit on his shirt and on the front of his pants.

    There was also a pool of vomit on the floor beneath his chair.

    Open food wrappers and trash littered the area where he was sitting.

    Two 32-ounce bottles of Natural Ice beer were sitting on the floor next to him.

    The officer arrested the man for drinking in public and placed him in handcuffs.

    “”I know I don’t belong here,”” he said.

    He also said that he was severely mental and, because he had been drinking all day, had not taken his medication for two days.

    The officer transported him to the Pima County Jail where he was booked into custody for the liquor law violation.

    Woman flees police after burglarizing women’s dressing room

    A foot chase ended with a non-UA affiliated woman being arrested for burglary and credit card theft on March 25.

    A UAPD officer responded to the main entrance of the Music building at 9:14 p.m., and met with a woman who said that her wallet and cell phone were stolen over an hour ago.

    She said that an unknown woman stole the items from her and her sister an hour prior in the women’s dressing room.

    The woman was last seen walking toward Speedway Boulevard.

    After the officer notified UAPD dispatch of the woman’s description, the victim’s father said that he saw a similar suspect at a bus stop on Speedway Boulevard.

    The officer and the victim went to the street and observed the bus stop and the victim positively identified the woman, “”that’s her.””

    When the officer notified UAPD of the woman’s location, she noticed the two standing across the street and she started running northbound.

    As the woman entered the staircase that leads to the pedestrian tunnel, while the officer struggled to find a time to safely cross Speedway Boulevard.

    After reaching the bottom of the staircase, the officer could not find the woman in the south direction but turned around and saw her running toward Helen Street.

    The officer ran after her and continually advised UAPD of her location.

    A UAPD patrol car cut off the woman at Helen Street and Fremont Avenue.

    When she saw the car she dropped her backpack on the ground.

    The officer finally caught up with the woman and asked why she ran from police.

    She said that some men were chasing after her for an unknown reason. However, the officer did not witness anyone else while chasing after the woman.

    The officer received permission from the woman to search the backpack and found two wallets belonging to the victims and the victim’s cell phone.

    The victims confirmed their belongings.

    The woman was arrested for credit card theft and third degree burglary and booked into Pima County Jail.

    Unknown man assaults female jogger

    A non-UA affiliated female had her butt grabbed by an unknown male while jogging on March 25.

    She routinely jogs at the UA campus and was jogging around 5:50 a.m.

    While running eastbound on Fourth Street, she heard a bicycle close behind her going in the same direction.

    Before she could turn around or yield to the bike, the male rider of the bike grabbed her bottom.

    The suspect was riding a boy’s BMX bicycle and she was fairly sure that the rider was a man.

    She could not tell for certain because the suspect was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled down over his head.

    After the incident, the rider turned southbound on Highland Avenue and disappeared from view.

    She said that she was not injured but wanted to report the incident in case the suspect was located.

    A similar incident, also involving a man in a hooded sweatshirt, occurred the day before on March 24.

    Sughead: Full security camera fails to capture burglar

    The UA’s 22nd Street Warehouse was burglarized on March 25. A UA employee reported  stolen items from the warehouse.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to the warehouse and met with the employee.

    The employee said that a hole was found in the exterior fence that morning.

    He said that copper wiring worth around $150 was missing from the warehouse that morning.

    While the officer took photos of the fence and the area for evidence, the employee also noticed that an Apple computer monitor was missing.

    A security camera was installed in the area, however it did not work because the hard drive was full.

    The officer was not able to collect any finger prints.

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