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    Police Beat: Feb. 3

    They never learn

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Hopi Residence Hall in reference to a strong smell of marijuana on Friday at around 1 p.m.

    An officer spoke with a resident assistant of the hall, who said he could smell marijuana coming from one of the dorm rooms.

    After the officer knocked on the student’s door a few times, the student answered and agreed to let the officer enter the room and ask a few questions.

    Once inside the room, the officer could smell an even stronger odor of marijuana and questioned the student about the smell.

    The student, identified by a Connecticut driver’s license, said he did not know why the room smelled. He also refused to let the officer search the room.

    Another officer arrived at the dorm and was able to get permission from the student to search the room.

    The officer found a grinder and a smoking pipe in the student’s desk.

    The officer placed the student under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. The student was cited and released.

    The grinder and pipe were placed into property as evidence. The student was referred to the Dean of Students.

    ‘I wanna man up’

    UAPD assisted a Tucson Police Department officer direct traffic at the intersection of Third Avenue and Speedway Boulevard on Friday at 11:31 p.m.

    The TPD officer stopped a car with three men inside because he could smell marijuana coming from inside the car.

    While the UAPD officer was waiting with the men, one of them asked what would happen next.

    The officer told him that if any marijuana was found, then all three would be charged with possession unless one occupant claimed the marijuana.

    The passenger of the car said, “”I wanna man up”” and got out of the car, took a plastic bag full of marijuana out of his pocket and set it on the curb.

    The passenger was charged with possession of marijuana, and the bag was placed into TPD property as evidence.

    Drunk man carried to room

    After someone called to report an apparently drunk resident, a UAPD officer responded to the Arizona Sonora Residence Hall on Saturday.

    The caller said that, at about 1:40 a.m., two students walked into the building carrying another man through the lobby to the Sonora side elevators.

    The man appeared to be drunk and unable to walk.

    After the officer spoke with the on-duty resident assistant, he went to the room where the man was taken.

    The door was wide open, and the student allowed the officer in the room to ask questions.

    Both students in the room were identified by valid driver’s licenses.

    The intoxicated man said that he had been drinking at a party off campus and was unable to walk home because he had had too many drinks.

    After the officer offered the man medical attention, he refused and said that all he wanted to do was go to bed.

    The situation was diverted to the Dean of Students.

    The referral was completed and case information was given to RA’s.


    Possible drugged drunk

    Because of reports of a woman needing medical assistance on Saturday at 10:50 a.m., a UAPD officer responded to the La Paz Residence Hall.

    A woman was found sitting on the floor outside her dorm room. She presented her CatCard as identification. She was crying and continually coughing and dry heaving into a trashcan.

    Tucson Fire Department paramedics determined that the woman would need further attention at University Medical Center.

    At UMC, the officer asked her what had caused her illness. She stated that she thought something might have been slipped into her drink at a party the night before.

    The woman said she was at a house party off campus but did not know whose house it was or where it was located.

    After the officer asked her how much she had to drink, she said she took a shot of Jagermeister, a shot of vodka, and a shot of something similar to Captain Morgan. After those shots, she couldn’t remember anything else she had to drink.

    She said she thought someone put something in one of her drinks because she could not remember anything that had happened over the course of the night. Also, she did not pour any of the drinks herself and had different men bringing her the drinks, none of whom she knew.

    The woman stated that she did not drink very often — maybe once a month — and that she usually did not drink very much. She told the officer she did not feel it was necessary to drink in order to be social or have fun.

    The woman said she had never had a hangover after she drank in the past.

    Besides her admission to drinking the night before, the woman showed no other signs of having alcohol in her system.

    The incident was forwarded to the Dean of Students.

    Fraternity house vandalized

    When on patrol, a UAPD officer noticed graffiti on the side of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house on 1801 E. First St.

    On Sunday at 8:17 a.m., the graffiti was found. It was done in the form of two penises with the word “”Fiji”” written above them. The graffiti was in red spray paint on the south side of the house.

    Officers were unable to contact anyone from the fraternity. Victim’s rights were mailed. There are no witnesses or known suspects.


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