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    Editorial: Pass/Fail


    A reader complained to the dean of students about editorial policies at the Arizona Daily Wildcat. The dean of students replied, “”you have sent (your email) to the appropriate people at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, so the decision makers will be aware of your concerns.””

    Another person wrote to the Wildcat that, “”if your paper and it’s (sic) employees are being funded by the U of A through our tuition dollars and the taxes I pay,”” then it should be different. The Arizona Daily Wildcat does not receive state or federal funding, nor does tuition pay for its printing. The Daily Wildcat reserves the right to editorial control and freedom by relying on advertising sales for paychecks, expenses and printing. In the past few years, the Daily Wildcat has also requested student fee money to pay for distribution and printing costs. However, the reporting and editing side of the newspaper does not receive any money.

    The Daily Wildcat has had numerous battles over the years with the Associated Students of the University of Arizona and the UA administration. But the Wildcat has not bent to the demands of officials. Pass to the UA administration for respecting journalistic independence.


    Tucson’s temperatures hit record lows last week. Tucson’s reaction was also a glorious low point. If you missed the high-pitched sounds of underdressed girls on campus wailing each time they stepped outside, it’s probably because you were at home, waiting for Southwest Gas to restore heat or a plumber to look at the pipes.

    Buildings flooded, pipes froze and burst, and students wearing two or three hoodies at one time slipped on ice, then looked to the frozen water on the ground in confusion. The poor preparation of Tucson made it a good day for plumbers, but a fail for weather.



    In the past year, there have been only two instances of fatalities because of a drunk driver in Tucson. However, there have been more than 600 cases of drunk drivers. Students are not the only ones who drink and drive, but the numbers are still there. You’ll read about students in Police Beat who were pulled over and claimed to only have had “”a few drinks.”” Tipsy driving is still drunk driving. An MIP is practically a rite of passage, but a DUI is a shame that can haunt you forever.

    Props to those college kids who can drink without a road trip chaser, but an incomplete because of students who don’t slam the brakes on the idea of a drunken late-night Taco Bell run.


    One of the Tucson shooting victims, Mary Reed, told The New York Times that her UA-provided insurance had been “”unusually accommodating since the shooting, approving medicines and services in 24 hours, significantly faster than usual.””

    Many people have forgotten about the shooting survivors, who have to worry about the cost of medical care, so it’s heartening to see that Tucsonans have not overlooked the wounded. The Safeway, where the attack happened, and many groups around Tucson began raising money after the shooting. Here’s a pass for the UA-provided insurance for being “”unusually”” quick and helpful to those in pain. And a super pass for those helping alleviate the pressure of paying-off medical bills during recovery.


    Mark Kelly, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, decided to go into space on a mission for NASA that he’s spent more than a year and a half training for. Some questioned his decision, saying his place was at his wife’s side. However, Kelly said Gabby would want this.

    Kelly gets a pass for doing what NASA has trained him to do, so that the mission would not have to be delayed or force another person without his experience or training to fill in. The world goes on; it’s something Tucson has come to know. Pass for the orbiting hero. Good luck.

    — Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board. They are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright. They can be reached at

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