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    “On the spot: Julia England, Political science sophomore”

    If you could go one place, where would it be?

    Egypt, because I like all the mythology behind the place.

    Have you ever thought about studying abroad?

    Yes. I’m actually going to be going on the “”Arizona in Yalta”” program in Ukraine.

    Why Ukraine?

    Because it gets me nine units of political science credit and it’s short.

    If you could go to three other places, where would they be and why?

    England, Greece and maybe Germany.

    Not Egypt?

    I’d rather not study there. Just visit.

    Have you heard about the famous health food pyramid?

    Yes, I have.

    Do you think eating stone pyramids are nutritious?

    Um, it’s full of fiber? High cholesterol, though.

    On another note, did you watch the Super Bowl?

    Yes, I did.

    Did you have a favorite commercial?

    I liked a few, but none really stood out for me.

    Were there any you weren’t fond of?

    I thought the Betty White commercial was ridiculous. I mean, Betty White playing football?


    Would you play football with Betty White, though?

    Of course.

    —Joe Dusbabek

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