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Olivia MoreyFebruary 28, 2024

    OPINION: Improving your social skills, one concert at a time

    Steven Spooner

    Punk band Starving Wolves ends their set setting the way for Dayglo Abortions to take the stage. “I’m so glad to be touring with Dayglo and for them to have taken us under their wing,” said David before the end of their set.

    With summer halfway through its course, Tucson night life is just beginning. A new concert season is upon us, so with that as an excuse, go out with friends and have a great time. 

    As young adults try to find their place in this world, it is most important for us to go out and try new things, while also living life to the fullest. The phrase “YOLO” — or “You Only Live Once” — became popular in 2011 with pop artist and rapper Drake, and the youth caught on soon after.

    Even if the phrase means less today than it did in 2011, I think the amount of young people going to concerts, parties, live events and generally being active has increased. I try to do something in the community at least once a week, whether it be seeing a local band perform at a coffee shop or going roller skating with friends. 

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    According to Isabella Goulden in an article published by The Odyssey, “going to a concert or a small show with friends and hearing someone perform their music in front of a live audience is so much better than just listening to them on your phone or computer.”

    She goes on to explain reasons why concerts are better than listening to music through headphones.

    One reason is the atmosphere. Being surrounded by people who share the same interests, whether at a concert or other live event, brings your self-confidence out and allows you to spark conversation with like-minded peers, which will definitely build your social skills. 

    Building a social network, especially away from social media, is an important factor in growing up. One of the solutions for helping bolster up your social self is experiencing those live events. 

    There are several concert venues in Tucson, like The Rialto Theater or Club Congress, and bands perform in local coffee shops every other day. This is a great way to meet new people. I am close with several people I have seen at local rap concerts or coffee shop concerts.

    Maxwell J. Mangold wrote in an Elite Daily article  that, “while the mind is exposed to countless emotions each day, both good and bad, it influences stress for survival purposes when a danger is perceived. Thus, the mind imagines negative obstacles when it drifts and considers your reaction or feeling to that situation. While this leaves people in fear of uncertainty, we should let this mystery fuel our pursuit of greatness.”

    My main point is that everyone goes through life at different rates, but living life with social interactions is something that people, specifically young people, should take advantage of. 

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    For those not of the legal drinking age, there is still a lot to do, so don’t feel discouraged. Concerts are a way to go, or you can take a group of friends to places like a bowling alley or skating rink. You can hit up a street festival or find a late-night party to go to and meet new people.

    Broadening horizons and interacting with new groups of people not only builds self-esteem, but also gets you comfortable in larger groups, and that is what being young is all about. Yes, it is nice to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, but there is nothing like listening to your favorite band perform only a few feet from you. Live life and figure out who you are — and use live events to help you do that. 

    I get daily emails on concerts coming to town and am planning to see Desert Fish in the near future as well as Soccer Mommy this fall.

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