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    “On the Spot: Yvonne Byrket, undeclared freshmen”

    I noticed you are studying for (Eroticism and Love in the Middle Ages); I took that class last year, what are your thoughts on the class?

    The class, as far as difficulty, it’s a pretty easy class you just have to do the reading and do the journals.

    Are you kind of disappointed because when you see the words ‘love and eroticism’ you aren’t thinking the Middle Ages because that is what the class turns out to be about?

    So, when I signed up for the class I thought it was going to be more about, like you said, love and eroticism, a bit more interesting but it’s kind of like a history class a lot more boring than I thought.

    Is there still like 1,200 people in the class?

    Yeah, there are about 1,200 students in the class.

    So I’m sure there are a ton of disappointed people, especially the guys who were looking for erotic tips?

    Yeah. The teacher tries to relate everything back to love but it is completely about medieval studies it has nothing to do with love and eroticism.

    Yeah, and there is weird stuff too, like people getting down with animals and stuff.

    It is very strange, very not what I was expecting at all.

    So speaking of relationships and love, how do you feel about couples on campus that are just everywhere and all over each other like in the union?

    Like hanging on the chairs and kissing each other and stuff? It’s a little awkward especially because I come here to do a lot of work and stuff and to see them off in the corner, but I am kind of used to it. It is pretty common with teenagers I guess.

    OK, and would you ever sign up for a class specifically with the person you were dating?

    Probably not, just because relationships are so unpredictable. I just would not want to deal with the awkwardness if something were to go wrong.

    What has been the most fun part of your year so far?

    So far, just meeting new people and the experience but it has been really overwhelming just the change from high school to college.

    It’s a huge change. Love your look by the way, what inspired your style?

    I just am really interested in magazines and TV, things like that, but I mostly style myself.

    And what is one thing you hate seeing on campus, fashion wise?

    Mis-matching colors or mis-matching different themes for outfits that is just (sighs).

    — Caroline Nachazel


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