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Police Beat: October 2

Touchy, touchy

A UA student was arrested and booked by University of Arizona Police Department officers on Sept. 21 at 12:05 a.m. for minor in bodily possession of alcohol in a residence hall.

UAPD officers went to the dorm to speak to a drunken student who had pushed two RAs while trying to get back to his room, after he was seen drunk at a social event in the men’s wing of the dorm. The event was shut down after RAs found out that alcohol was being served.

The student could barely walk and refused to go back to his room until he was told he was going to get written up. Ten minutes later, RAs went to the student’s room and found five men drinking jungle juice. When the RAs accused the student of drinking jungle juice, he got angry and told the RAs to call the police.

When officers arrived, an RA took them to the student’s room. The student opened the door but stood in the doorway with the door partially closed behind him. He said that he hadn’t touched any women that night, but may have touched some men “in a friendly way.” He also denied that he had told anyone to call the police.

The student smelled strongly of alcohol and had red, bloodshot eyes. He refused to take a preliminary breath test, then tried to shut the door on police officers, saying that he no longer wanted to speak to them and was ready to go back into his room.

As he tried to shut the door, an officer grabbed the student’s arm and took him into the hallway. As the student could not stand up straight, the officer instructed him to sit by the wall, but the student refused. The officer repeated his instructions and the student again refused.

As the officers continued speaking to him, the student began showing mood swings. He was joking and lighthearted one moment, then uncooperative and angry the next. At one point, he tried to convince an officer to punch him, saying, “I can sue the shit out of you.”

At that point, the student was handcuffed, arrested and booked into Pima County Jail.

Shut down

UAPD officers were called to a fraternity party on Sept. 21 at 12:20 a.m. due to loud noises coming from the fraternity house.

When officers arrived, they saw two to three people outside and heard a lot of noise coming from inside the building. A slight scent of alcohol was also present in the area.

When officers spoke to the fraternity president and vice president, who were standing at the back entrance of the house, the students apologized and one went inside to quiet everybody down. Both students strongly smelled of alcohol and said they were standing in the back to make sure only members of their fraternity and significant others were allowed in to the party.

The students said it was a “hangout” of about 80 people.

When officers asked if they could enter, the students said no. They added that everything inside was OK and everyone was about to leave.

Officers told the students that people who did not live there should leave, and people who did should get to their rooms.

As officers were walking out, they could hear voices coming from inside the building yelling, “Shut the fuck up,” and “Be quiet.”

The Greek Life Dean of Students was contacted and notified of the situation.

Resident of alcohol

A UA student was taken from a UA residence hall to the University of Arizona Medical Center for extreme intoxication on Sept 21 at 2:31 a.m.

At 2:17 a.m., a UAPD officer responded to a call from the students’ roommate, who was worried about how drunk the student was. The Tucson Fire Department responded as well.

The student smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and there was vomit next to his bed.

As a TFD official looked through the student’s wallet for a valid I.D., a fake I.D. fell out. When the student was asked where he was really from, he replied, “Alcohol.”

TFD decided the student was not OK so stay in his room for the night and took him to UAMC, where he was monitored overnight.

The student was cited and released for minor in bodily possession of alcohol and possession of a fictitious out-of-state drivers license.

A code of conduct violation was sent to the Dean of Students office.

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