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    Don’t eat that burger – it might give you Alzheimer’s!

    Extra weight around your midsection can lead to early death, as well as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, according to US News and World Report. Now they are saying that having a belly bulge may be related to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The article goes on to explain that if you carry more weight in one area than the rest of your body, you are more likely to get dementia. The study began in the mid-’60s and early ’70s and followed the cases until 2006, when the participants averaged 80 years old. The article warns that those who are not proportionate and carry more weight around their stomachs don’t have to be obese to be affected. The article does not go much into detail about the actual scientific reasons for why tummy fat causes dementia. I am, unfortunately, just not buying it at the moment for lack of any scientific explanations of how this is so. You be the judge.

    Wiki’ng out

    There’s a new wiki in town called, devoted to maintaining fandom with over 45,000 articles, and it needs our help. Fandom is basically all the fans of a specific interest, such as a sport, a celebrity, a book or movie. This Web site is a project that helps to preserve it. A good example of a fandom is Trekkies – they get together and just rant and rave about “”Star Trek.”” In order for fandoms to exist however they must be preserved, which is exactly the purpose of fan history. If there is nowhere for a lone Trekkie to go, then how can one call him a Trekkie? The Web site offers such fandom genres as actors, anime, books, cartoons, music, movies and television. Upon clicking on a broad topic, it brings you to lists of articles related to that topic. The Web site is under the phrase “”a wiki that anyone can edit,”” meaning that anyone can put their input on a topic with an article of their own. It’s up-and-coming and the site needs our help to expand!

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