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    “On the spot: Michael Menchaca, engineering freshman”

    I saw you are listening to your iPod. What song are you listening to?

    I was listening to “”Ain’t That Lonely Yet”” by Dwight Yoakam.

    Click next on there and let’s see what comes up next.

    Next is just on the set list “”King of Fools.””

    What kind (of music) are you best at singing in the shower?

    Best singing at in the shower, probably Seether or Nirvana. I kind of like singing that cause (of) that grungy style.

    Are you good in the shower, like “”American Idol”” good?

    “”American Idol”” good, well everyone likes to say they’re “”American Idol”” good but let’s just say I am all right.

    If you were to go on “”American Idol”” and try and sing what would Simon say to you?

    Simon would probably say that you wasting my time and I have seen … drunk people sing better.

    What about Paula?

    Paula, well Paula, you know, is always the encouraging one. She would be like well you know, ‘honey you just try to go, you know you did your best, you probably shouldn’t be here.’

    If you could perform on stage with any band, who would you want to perform on stage with?

    Perform on stage with any band, it counts what I was doing because I probably wouldn’t be doing much. But I think it would be awesome either to be with like Seether or like Rage Against the Machine but I don’t think they are touring anymore but that would be cool.

    What about if any musician gave you a private show who would you want?

    Any musician gave me a private show, that is a tough one. I think it would probably have to be Seether.

    See, I would have gone with someone hot.

    Someone hot, yeah I know, you got a point there. I didn’t think about that.

    Are you a Limewire user?

    Yeah pretty much, I download free music yeah.

    Worried about getting caught?

    No I am not worried right now I will worry about it when it comes up.

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