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    Police Beat: April 23

    Smells like marijuana, looks like marijuana …

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall on Sunday at 10:57 p.m. after an on-duty resident assistant reported the smell of marijuana coming from one of the wings.

    The RA brought the officer to room from which the smell was coming and told him that, when he first called UAPD, two men inside the room tried to leave but went back inside when they were asked to.

    When the officer walked up and down the hall, he could not smell any marijuana. After he knocked on the door of the room the RA brought him to, he could immediately smell a strong odor.

    A resident gave the officer permission to enter the room, and the officer saw that a window was open and a small fan was blowing towards the window. The room smelled like burnt marijuana.

    When the officer spoke with the men in the room, they both denied knowing anything about marijuana being in their room and would not give the officer permission to search the room. Also, one of the men had bloodshot eyes and raised taste buds on his tongue.

    The officer noticed something that appeared to be “”shake”” on the roommate’s desk, and he also picked up a small piece of something that smelled like fresh marijuana.

    When the officer asked one of the men about burnt marijuana residue found in the trashcan, the student denied knowing anything about it.

    Both men had Code of Conduct referrals sent to the Dean of Students.

    At least he knows the facts

    A UAPD officer was on patrol on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. heading eastbound on Speedway Boulevard when he saw a man drinking from a silver can partially covered by a paper bag.

    The officer saw the man sitting near the bus stop at Tyndall Avenue and Speedway Boulevard.

    The man was identified by his Arizona Identification Card and told the officer that he would answer his questions.

    The man said, “”I’m drinking High Gravity, 8.1 percent alcohol content. I’m drinking a beer. Can you cut me some slack?””

    The officer identified what the man was drinking as a 24-ounce can of Hurricane High Gravity beer. The can was half-full and still cold.

    The man was cited and released for drinking spirituous liquor in public.

    Snooze by the booze

    A UAPD officer was called to the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall on Sunday at 12:14 a.m. after someone reported a man passed out in a fourth-floor common room.

    The officer woke the man and identified him by a California driver’s license.

    While speaking with the man, the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. There was also a red plastic cup with alcohol in it next to the couch on which the man had passed out.

    Tucson Fire Department paramedics arrived at the scene and released the man after checking his vitals. They advised the officer that the man should not be left alone in his room.

    The man tried calling some of his friends to see if they could stay with him while he sobered up, but no one answered.

    The man was then transported to the Pima Count Jail and booked. A Code of Conduct referral was forwarded to the Dean of Students.

    Vague vagrant

    Two UAPD officers arrived to the bus stop in the 1600 block of East University Boulevard after receiving reports of a man panhandling in the area.

    When the officers got to the bus stop, the man was not in the area. Another person at the stop told them that they had seen the man go into the Optical Sciences building.

    The officers found the man inside a bathroom on the first floor. When asked for identification, the man said he did not have any but gave the officers his name and birth date.

    One of the officers recognized the man from a previous case of panhandling at the same location and told the man that he had given a different name the last time they spoke.

    The man said he was confused and that the last name he had given was his middle name.

    The officer continued to speak with the man while the other officer went to speak with the person who had reported the incident.

    The officer again asked the man about his name, and he said, “”I’m just confused. I don’t know why I lied to you.”” He then said that he was feeling suicidal and wanted to go to “”Kino.””

    A warrants check for the man showed that he had four warrants from the Tucson Police Department for failure to appear on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, theft, shoplifting, graffiti, drug paraphernalia and misconduct involving minors.

    The man was handcuffed and held until the warrants were confirmed. He was then placed under arrest for the warrants, loitering and false reporting to law enforcement.

    The officer asked the man if he was still feeling suicidal and he said, “”I’m confused. I just said those things so I wouldn’t have to go to jail.””

    When the officer searched the man, he found a small amount of marijuana in his front pocket, and the man said he had more in his sock.

    The man who had reported the incident told the officer that he had been on the bus with the man, and, when they got off, the man approached at least six women and asked them for money in a “”very aggressive”” manner. The women all appeared to be “”weirded out”” by the man.

    The man was issued an exclusionary order for six months. He was transported to and booked into Pima County Jail.

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