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Healthy living on campus

By keeping a few things in mind and adopting a few healthy habits, you can feel great and avoid gaining the “”freshman 15.””

Create an eating schedule and remember to have breakfast

“”This will start your metabolism and provide better concentration,”” said Gale Welter, coordinator for nutrition services at Campus Health Service. Gale noted that people who eat breakfast generally consume fewer calories.

Welter said breakfast is considered anything you eat a half hour to an hour after you wake up.

When planning your schedule, Welter said you should try to eat something every three to four hours.

As far as what you should eat, Welter suggested using the dining services website.

“”You can’t raid mom’s refrigerator anymore. It’s possible to eat really well on campus but it may take some extra steps,”” said Lee Ann Hamilton, assistant director for health promotion and preventive services.

Both Hamilton and Welter suggested minimizing fried foods, including what you find at Panda Express.

Hamilton said some students think Panda Express is healthy because it is Chinese, when it really isn’t good for you.

Welter said also to be very mindful of the calories in the beverages you drink.

Smoothies, sodas and fancy coffee drinks all have the potential to sneak in extra calories, Welter said.

“”A coffee drink that has some sort of cream or sugar in it can be 600 calories,”” Welter said. “”Those are meals’ worth of calories.””

Catch some Zzz’s

“”When you move into a residence hall, there is always someone doing something fun,”” Hamilton said, “”and so bedtime has gotten pushed back really, really late.””

Hamilton said that even though your sleep schedule will be different, it is important to remember to sleep and make sure you get the amount that you need.

“”Everybody is different, it’s not longer that everybody needs 8 hours that is not necessarily true.””

Hamilton said if you are sleeping through your alarm clock or you’re really cranky when you wake, you are not getting enough sleep.

“”Ideally, it would be great to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, but that’s not generally going to happen,”” Hamilton said. “”But try to be on as regular a schedule as you can be.””

Welter said that planning time for sleep is a good way to combat weight gain.

Get variety

Hamilton said eating food with color is essential.

“”People feel better when they eat healthy stuff,”” she said.

Welter suggested if you really hate vegetables to try and eat more fruit.

Taking a multi-vitamin is also a good way to provide basic nutrients you might be missing, Welter added.

Remember to hydrate

Making sure you drink enough water will help ease the Tucson heat and your chances of overeating.

According to Welter, the first thing that goes when you are dehydrated is your concentration; then you think you are hungry and tired. The process confuses your signals and could drive you to eat when you don’t need it, Welter said.

Stay active

Hamilton advised that working out and finding ways to be active can be a great way to socialize and meet people.

“”On this big of a campus, there are people who get really lonely and get depressed,”” Hamilton said. “”Exercise is something that is very good for fighting that.””

Welter also said to avoid emotional eating.

“”If you are lonely or bored or confused and overwhelmed, it is not going to help to eat it away,”” Welter said.

For students who do feel depressed, the Counseling and Psychological Services at Campus Health is available to help students, Welter said.

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