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    Police Beat

    A man reported his vehicle stolen from UA lot 8106, 1402 E. Seventh St., 7:26 p.m. Sunday.

    At 7:30 p.m. an officer responded to the report and made contact with the victim, who said he parked his 2004 gray Chevrolet Tahoe in the parking lot and went to work out at the Student Recreation Center at 5 p.m.

    He said when he returned at 7:15 p.m. the vehicle was gone. Inside the vehicle were some of the man’s textbooks, a calculator and a stereo system.

    The officer inspected the area and did not locate any evidence of broken glass on the ground.

    There are no suspects or witnesses.

    A man was arrested for public sexual indecency from the UA Main Library at 1510 E. University Boulevard at 11:46 a.m. Thursday.

    An officer reported to room 122 of the UA Main Library, where he met with the woman who had reported the incident. The woman’s office area has a large window overlooking the library commons area. She pointed to a man sitting at a computer with his back facing the window. His computer screen could be observed clearly.

    She told the officer that the man had been watching pornography on the computer and rubbing and stroking the front of his pants, near the zipper area.

    She said he never unzipped his pants to expose or fondle his penis, but he was bent over the computer. His right hand was on the mouse and his left hand was rubbing the crotch area of his jeans.

    He continued to rub his crotch for approximately 5 minutes while watching the pornography on the computer.

    The woman went out of the office and into the library commons area to inform the man of the policy regarding viewing pornography. When she noticed he was touching himself, she called the police instead.

    The man was at the same computer when the officer arrived and the officer could see his right hand on the mouse and his left hand under the table. Still photos of naked men and women were on his screen.

    The officer went to make contact with the man and when the man saw him he clicked the mouse.

    The officer asked him what he was looking at and he said, “”A MySpace page.”” The man waited in the library lobby while the officer talked to witnesses, who said the same thing.

    The man finally admitted that he had been using the computer to watch porn.

    He admitted to touching himself accidentally but said he was not masturbating.

    The man was cited and released and was served an exclusionary order.

    A man was reported to have been yelling profanities at people near the front porch area of Gila Residence Hall, 1009 E. James E. Rogers Way, on April 6 at 1:59 p.m.

    A Gila Hall resident assistant called the University of Arizona Police Department to report that a man at the front entrance of the residence hall was yelling profanities at no one in particular.

    The man was described as 25 to 30 years old with dark buzz-cut hair, sunglasses, a tattooed left arm, tan skin, camo shorts, a blue T-shirt and sneakers.

    Upon arrival, the officer found the man lying on his back under the front entrance of the residence hall. Anyone walking into the residence hall was required to walk right next to him. The officer told the man that he needed to talk to him and the man got up and said “”I’m leaving”” as he tried to push past the officer.

    The man continued to resist as the officer tried to stop him. The officer told him he would tase him if he did not stop resisting and the officer was then able to pull both hands behind the man’s back using minimal force.

    After handcuffing the man, the officer asked if he had any weapons on him and he said he had a small pocket knife in his front pocket. The man said he was depressed and he was just trying to find a peaceful place to be. He said that he was homeless and refused the officer’s assistance.

    In talking with the man, he said he thought that someone from the “”feds”” was following him.

    He also said he had a wire in his mouth and he could talk without opening his mouth.

    The man was escorted off campus.

    A man was diverted to the Dean of Students Office for theft at 1117 E. Sixth St. after Parking and Transportation Services reported he was loaning out his Zone 1 parking permit that he had previously reported stolen on Thursday at 12 p.m.

    At 11:35 a.m. an officer responded to PTS for a theft call.

    Upon arrival he met with an employee who said a man was loaning out his Zone 1 parking permit that he had previously reported stolen.

    He said the man had been issued a replacement permit and believes he had been using it or loaning it out as well. The man signed a lost/stolen form stating he would return the parking permit if it was recovered. The man arrived on scene shortly after and said in December his vehicle was stolen in Tempe and his parking permit was inside it. He said he applied for a replacement permit and got it in January. He said his vehicle was recovered in March but he had already received money from the insurance company for the vehicle and got his personal items from inside the vehicle, including his parking permit.

    He said he carpooled to school with a friend and allowed her to display the previously stolen permit in her car.

    The woman had since received two parking tickets worth $60 each and a boot on her vehicle, costing her $300 to remove it.

    He said he did not remember signing the agreement to return the permit.

    He was diverted to the Dean of Students Office instead of arrested for theft of services.

    A girl was arrested for possession of marijuana at 1423 E. University Boulevard on Thursday at 8:25 p.m.

    At 7:26 p.m. an officer responded to 1423 E. University Boulevard regarding a missing child.

    On arrival, he met with a man who is a seventh grade teacher and reported his student missing from the field trip presentation.

    The presentation was a lecture given in room 350 of 1423 E. University Boulevard. The man said the girl had wandered off with another student and that the other student returned but the girl was not with her.

    The girl said she and the other girl went to the Student Union Memorial Center to play video games and the girl said she left the other girl because she wanted to get high.

    An attempt to locate the girl was placed and at 8:04 p.m. the girl was found by a chaperone on the southside of 1423 E. University Boulevard.

    The officer could smell a slight odor or marijuana on the girl and asked her if she had anything on her that she was not supposed to have.

    The girl said “”yeah, I forgot to leave it on the bus,”” and produced a silver piece of tin foil rolled into a handmade smoking pipe with a green leafy plant like material inside the bowl area. She said she had not smoked any tonight, and had no signs or symptoms.

    The girl was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana at 8:25 p.m.

    The officer spoke with the girl’s mom and told her the girl would either be taken to jail or placed into the custody of her teacher.

    The school counselor then asked the officer to look at the girl’s leg, because she had cut herself. The girl lifted up the pant leg on her left side and there were cuts on the inside of her leg above her ankle spelling out the words “”baby boy.””

    The girl said she had cut herself a few minutes ago with a sharp rock.

    The girl was released to her teacher and was referred to the Pima County Juvenile court.

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