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    Police Beat: May 4

    Two strikes and you’re high

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived to the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall on Wednesday at 6:09 p.m. after someone reported the smell of burning marijuana coming from a hallway.

    Another UAPD officer, already at the room, told the responding officer that the men in the room from where the smell was coming were trying to leave.

    The officer met with the men and the other officer at the dorm room and spoke with one of the men. The man said that he had not smoked “”pot”” for several days. He did not have any signs of marijuana use, so the officer allowed the man to leave the scene.

    Two other men were identified as the residents of the room. One of them told the officer, “”The marijuana in the room is mine.””

    The man showed the officer where a small amount of marijuana was and pulled a baggie out of his top drawer with 1.2 grams of marijuana inside.

    The officer asked the men if there were any more drugs in the room and one of them said that he was holding a pipe for his friend. He reached under his bed and pulled out a glass smoking pipe that had burnt marijuana residue on it.

    After the officer took the pipe, the man kept telling him that the pipe was not his and that he had already been arrested for possession of marijuana that week.

    The officer did a records check that showed the man was arrested three days earlier.

    The man with the marijuana in his desk drawer was cited and released for possession of marijuana and the man with the pipe was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Code of Conduct referrals were completed for both men and sent to the Dean of Students.

    The marijuana and the pipe were placed into UAPD property as evidence.

    Secret soaper covertly coats cars

    A UAPD officer arrived to the Sixth Street Parking Garage on Wednesday at 5:28 p.m. after a woman reported that her truck had been vandalized.

    The woman met with the officer on the top level of the garage and told him that she parked her green Chevrolet pick-up truck at 1:50 p.m. and when she returned she found laundry detergent all over it.

    The liquid detergent was spread all over the passenger side of the car and was also inside the tailpipe.

    The woman said that she did not know of anyone who could have vandalized her car, but she would like to participate in the prosecutorial process if the person responsible was found.

    The officer inspected the area and found two more cars with laundry detergent on them, a Ford Explorer and a BMW sedan.

    The Explorer had the detergent scattered over the truck and the BMW had it spread along the window on the driver’s side.

    The officer also found a laundry detergent bottle cap lying next to the BMW.

    Notes were left on both of the cars telling the owners to call UAPD to report any damage done to their cars.

    Photos of all three cars were taken and placed into UAPD property as evidence along with the bottle cap.

    Party on the football field

    An anonymous person called UAPD on Wednesday at 3:49 a.m. to report several “”kids”” on the Arizona Stadium football field.

    The officer arrived to the stadium and performed a search of the field. No one was found inside.

    The officer found about eight empty Keystone 12-ounce beer cans and an empty pack of Camel cigarettes in the middle of the 50-yard line.

    On the west side of the stadium, the officer also found a broken window. The broken glass was on the outside of the stadium leading the officer to think that the window was broken from the inside.

    There was no other damage done to the stadium.

    Facilities Management was notified of the damage. There are no suspects or witnesses.

    Not-so-clever crook caught at Cactus Grill

    A UAPD officer was called to Student Union Memorial Center on April 27 at 10:51 a.m. after a Cactus Grill employee reported a student shoplifting.

    The officer met with a supervisor who said she saw a man switch an order ticket in order to pay a lower price for his meal.

    The man told the officer he filled out a ticket for an item valued at $6.85 and got his food. He then filled out a ticket for an item that cost $3.97 and threw the first ticket in the garbage.

    When the man went to pay for the food with the lower price ticket he was stopped by the employee.

    The officer asked the man to get the first ticket he filled out from the garbage. The man then admitted that he lied and that the ticket was in his back pocket.

    The man was cited and released for shoplifting. A Code of Conduct referral was completed and sent to the Dean of Students.


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