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    On the spot

    We found Samir Mukhida, a freshman majoring in molecular and cellular biology, walking in front of the Anthropology building.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. It’s really a pleasure to meet you. I’m really glad that we could do this interview. OK, so, how did you become so successful?

    Mukhida: Successful?

    W: Yeah.

    M: What do you mean? Am I successful?

    W: How did you do the things that you do?

    M: Just hard work and dedication, I guess. You have to know what you want to accomplish. And with that, you have to see how you’re going to get there.

    W: How did you triumph in the face of adversity?

    M: Define adversary.

    W: When the going got tough, and the fire of life. How did you survive that and make yourself who you are today?

    M: You just have to learn to have fun, in addition to working.

    W: Yeah.

    M: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    W: (Laughs.) Tell me something that inspires you. What keeps you moving day-to-day, when you could just give up?

    W: I’m studying molecular biology to become a doctor. I want to help people and help the world. I also have a lot of diseases in my family’s genome and one could just pop up on me.

    W: How does that make you feel? Every day, knowing that you could die … at any second.

    M: Not any second, but just eventually from some crazy disease. It’s not that bad because I know a lot of other people who’ve suffered way worse.

    W: Yeah. I know how you feel. That’s beautiful. So what is your greatest fear?

    M: I don’t know. I’m afraid to say girls, but …

    W: That’s a fear in itself, what you’re afraid to say.

    M: I guess so. It’s admitting that I have a soft spot for girls, I guess.

    W: We all have to deal with that though, too. I think that’s a fear that many people have. A lot of people share that. So I think they can relate to that. OK, this is a hypothetical situation. If you could have an endless supply of chocolate for the rest of your life, or bring about world peace, which would you choose?

    M: World peace. Easy question.

    W: Oh wow. Wow. You sure?

    M: Yeah, because then I’ll be fat. I’ll eat all the chocolate.

    W: Last one. If you could become a book, what book would it be?

    M: “”The Origin of Species”” by Charles Darwin. Because it’s dull and dry, but it’s very important.

    W: (Laughs dramatically again.)

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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