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    Police Beat: March 29

    Man poops pants to resist arrest

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer performed a traffic stop on Wednesday at 9:57 p.m. after a random registration check showed the car owner had a warrant from Tucson Police Department.

    When the officer pulled the car over, the driver got out and started walking toward the officer.

    The officer asked the man for identification and he walked back to the driver’s seat, got in the car, sat down and said that he would not give his information and that he did not recognize “”illegal government authority.””

    The officer told the man that if he did not give his information he would be arrested. The man became upset and threw his car keys onto the floorboard. He then gave the officer a paper, saying it was an international driver’s license from the Pembina Indian Tribe of North Dakota.

    As the officer was doing a records check on the license, the man shut the car door and locked both the driver’s side and passenger side doors.

    The records check showed that the license was suspended and there was a warrant for his arrest from TPD.

    Another UAPD officer arrived to the scene and both officers tried to convince the man to unlock the doors and get out of the car.

    The officer was able to open the passenger side door and the man said he understood he was under arrest, but would not assist the officers in his own arrest.

    Once the driver side door was unlocked the man went limp and said that he would have to be carried out of the car.

    The man was taken from the car, handcuffed and carried to the patrol car.

    On the way to the Pima County Jail, the officer could smell an odor coming from the backseat and rolled down his window.

    The man began to laugh when he rolled the window down and said he knew what the smell was. He told the officer that he defecated in his pants “”as an added surprise”” for the officer and “”to further show it as a means of resistance for being arrested.””

    When they arrived to the jail the man said he would not walk into the jail and it would be an embarrassment for him to be placed in jail after defecating on himself.

    The jail staff was able to convince the man to walk into the jail and he said that he could not believe he was assisting his own arrest.

    The man was booked into the jail for the suspended license and the warrant. His car was impounded.

    Truck stolen; CDs gone too

    A man called UAPD on Wednesday at 5 p.m. after he saw that his car had been stolen.

    The man told an officer that he parked his dad’s 1995 red Ford pickup truck in the lot at 445 N. Warren Ave. at 9:30 a.m. and when he returned seven-and-a-half hours later it was gone.

    The truck had a California license plate on it and the man said inside there were 150 compact discs worth $10 per disk.

    There was no evidence left at the scene and the man did not have any suspect information for the officer.

    The information for the truck was entered into the National Crime Information Center and victim’s rights were issued to the owner of the truck.

    Jacked pack worth hundreds

    A UA student called UAPD on Wednesday at 3:35 p.m. to report her backpack had been stolen.

    The woman told an officer that she had set her blue and green Timbuktu messenger backpack in front of the cactus garden at the Student Union Memorial Center.

    She had set the bag on a bench in front of the garden at 2:45 p.m. and when she returned to check on it at 3:15 p.m. she saw that it was gone.

    Inside the backpack was an Italian textbook worth $200, a black Apple iPod worth $300, Bose earphones worth $100, an Apple iClick worth $35, a keychain with five keys on it and a garage door opener. The bag itself was worth $80.

    There were no witnesses to the theft.

    Could I get a job … ?

    A UAPD officer was sent to the UA Continuing Education Outreach building at 888 N. Euclid Ave. on Wednesday at 10:36 a.m. after it was reported a man was stumbling and acting confused.

    When the officer arrived to the building he found a man that was unable to stand up, slurring his speech and not making sense when he spoke.

    After being identified by an Arizona driver’s license, the man told the officer that he was on medication for seizures.

    A records check showed that the man had a warrant for his arrest from Tucson Police Department for trespassing and a warrant from the sheriff’s department for writing a bad check.

    An employee in the building told the officer that the man was walking around the third floor not making sense and stumbling over.

    When the man tried to get access to a fire extinguisher, the employees sat him down and called the police. The man said he was in the building to apply for a job.

    The man was transported to and booked into Pima County Jail.

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