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    Spring in the desert: fresh air, sunshine


    The dark days of winter are over, and spring is finally here. March 20 marked the beginning of one of Arizona’s finest times of the year with its moderate temperatures and beautiful, natural landscape. The UA campus manifests all the wonder and charm of spring; scattered amongst the old buildings, trees are transforming into colorful pieces of art. 

    But spring shouldn’t just mean longer days and warmer temperatures. As life revitalizes the nature outside, it can also invigorate students as they finish up the end of their semester. Spring is a time to reflect on the beauty of the outside world and to be invigorated with new life. Spring calls for new perspectives. It invites everyone to live in the moment and experience more joy and laughter.

    Here are some simple ways to usher in the beauty of spring.

    Brighten it up 

    Sometimes, even the simplest acts can make a day feel brighter. For example, painting one’s nails a bright pink or mint green can help develop new confidence for springtime. Another way to gain some inspiration for the new season is to fill up a dorm room or apartment with flowers. Not only can the colors brighten up a space, but the sweet fragrances will leave any area smelling fresh.

    Enjoy the outdoors

    Spring in Arizona may be the only time that it is possible to take a hike and not pass out from a heatstroke, so take advantage of the weather. Find a quiet area on campus, and spread out a blanket. There is no better way to take a breather from school stresses than sitting under a blossoming tree and reading a book while a gentle breeze takes all thoughts of homework, projects and finals away with it. 

    Get out the camping gear, and pitch a tent on Mount Lemmon for a night or two. Immersing oneself in nature is the only way to truly experience and cherish all that spring has to offer. For those that can’t make the trek up to the mountain, set up a hammock on campus. Breathing in the fresh air can give you the energy you need to start some homework.

    Make memories

    Springtime is best experienced with others, so set aside a few moments for friends and family. Pack a picnic, and go for an adventure. Ride bikes on a secluded trail, and enjoy time together — making memories and sharing laughter.

    Start planning for the summer

    Now is the time to start arranging plans for the long summer away from school. It’s a good idea to start researching summer internships to gain experience in your field. Spring is also the perfect time to start brainstorming summer vacation ideas with friends and family. Having a guaranteed room in a hotel overlooking the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation after finals will be much appreciated when the time comes.

    Students and spring

    Lauren Malm, a freshman studying English, shared some of her traditions and favorite things to do during springtime.

    “I cheer on my Wildcats every March — bear down,” Malm said. “I love to enjoy the bright spring sunshine with a good book. Springtime, for me, represents new beginnings, and the beautiful Arizona weather really helps give me a new outlook to make it through the end of the school year.”

    Jessica Mardis, a pre-business freshman, also expressed her feelings toward spring. 

    “I love the colors of spring and how, out of nowhere, Arizona changes from having deserted mountains and dead grass to having flowers and green hills,” Mardis said. “It is my favorite time of the year to go outside, as long as I [take] my allergy medicine. I also have my birthday in spring, so that always makes it a fun time of year. I’ve had my share of Easter egg hunts at birthday parties.”

    Spring is not the time to lose momentum. Rather, it is a time to be inspired and invigorated by the beautifully changing world around you.


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