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    Athlete of the Week: Ashley Whisonant

    Arizona women’s basketball guard
    Ashley Whisonant scored a team-high 22 points with seven rebounds, six steals and four assists in the Wildcats’ 76-70 exhibition win over Vanguard on Monday night. The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with the senior to discuss her performance, a new season and her stuffed monkey,

    Wildcat: How did it feel to get back out on the court against competition other than your male practice squad?

    Whisonant: It felt good to get the feel of our boys beatin’ up on us. I think we had a lot of fun, and our team showed a lot of heart. It felt good to accomplish something.

    W: How did you feel the team looked overall?

    AW: Overall, it was really good as far as being in shape. We looked really good, really fast and strong. We got a lot of rebounds and stuff like that. But like I said (Monday) night, we just got to be a lot smarter, use our heads more.

    W: Last season, your team had so many injuries. How is it to have everyone back healthy?

    AW: Well, we don’t quite have everyone healthy. I think this weekend we won’t have (guard) Jess (Arnold). But for the most part, everyone’s healthy, so it’s OK. But it’ll be a lot better once we get everyone 100 percent, it’ll feel a lot better.

    W: What are you looking forward to most with this being your
    senior season?

    AW: I’m looking forward to having a winning season No. 1, having fun, No. 2, and going back to the NCAA Tournament, No. 3.

    W: Now, I’ve heard you have a monkey, Sebastian, that usually goes on road trips with you. Is he going along on your trip this weekend (to Pennsylvania)?

    AW: (laughs) Oh yeah, I have to bring Sebastian. He hasn’t been on a trip in a while, so

    W: What’s the longest time you’ve spent away from him since you
    got him?

    AW: Hmm, I think probably a month.

    W: How did the new players react when they learned of him?

    AW: Well, they haven’t seen him yet, so we’ll see tomorrow when we go on our first trip (laughs).

    W: What is a talent you have that some people might not know about you?

    AW: Oh, I’m a really good dancer. Hip-hop, pop-lockin’ and stuff like that, you know?

    W: You got to go to Italy over the summer with the team, but if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    AW: I think I’d want to go to Africa. I hear a lot of things about it. I just want to see it for myself. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place.

    W: Do you have any plans for the future yet?

    AW: I want to see if I can further my basketball career, and after that I either want to open up my own daycare or
    retirement home.

    W: Who’s your favorite U of A athlete?

    AW: All-time or current?

    W: How about all-time?

    AW: Hmm, I really don’t know. I’d have to say Gilbert Arenas. He plays for the Washington Wizards. I like
    watching him.

    – as told to Bobby Stover

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