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    On the Spot

    We called Barack Obama’s headquarters Obama For America and spoke to Sam Wilson about getting a future interview.

    Operator: Thank you for calling Obama for America. How can I help you?

    Wildcat: Hi, I’m Andi Berlin and I’m with the Arizona Daily Wildcat out of Tucson, Ariz. I was wondering if there was any way in the future we could get an interview with Barack?

    Operator: OK, let me transfer you to our press department. You can talk to them about it.

    W: OK. Thank you.

    Sam Wilson: Press office.

    W: Hi, I’m Andi Berlin. I’m with the Arizona Daily Wildcat out of Tucson, Ariz., and I was wondering, since we’re a college paper, is there any way that we could get an interview with Barack in the future?

    SW: You can send an e-mail to

    W: What’s going to happen if I send an email? Is it just going to get lost in the fold?

    SW: We will take a look at it, though to be completely honest, we have to focus on the upcoming states and his press time is booked for the next couple of weeks already. And we have to win the nomination, so we have to give priority to the states that are coming up.

    W: Yeah, so is there any way that we’ll be able to get an interview after that?

    SW: Quite possibly yes.

    W: Awesome. Can you give us a date?

    SW: No.

    W: Who should I contact to follow up on this?

    SW: There are a lot of different people that handle requests like this. The e-mail address is really your best way.

    W: Is there anyone else we could get an interview with? Like Hillary Clinton?

    SW: I’d recommend contacting the Clinton campaign if you want to speak with her.

    W: Or anyone in Obama’s campaign?

    SW: Quite possibly. You can really send an e-mail to the media address.

    W: OK. Is there any way I could get an interview sooner, by not sending an e-mail?

    SW: I really don’t know. The North Carolina and Indiana primaries are tomorrow. So we’re pretty busy right now.

    W: Oh, I mean, we’re really busy too, so I was just wondering. A lot of students vote, and a lot of students read the paper. So I just wanted to get it out there. Because a lot of people don’t know about Barack, you know?

    SW: (Silence.)

    W: Hello?

    SW: Um. If you submit a request that way, we’ll get to it as fast as we can.

    W: OK. Do you want my phone number?

    SW: If you could put all your information, what you’re exactly looking for, in the e-mail. We’d appreciate it.

    W: If I got my friend in Indiana or another state, would they be able to get an interview?

    SW: His press time is booked for the next several weeks.

    W: OK, cool. Thank you.

    SW: Thank you.

    – interview by Andi Berlin

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