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    On the Spot

    On the Spot

    Taxicab confessions, gas and idiots

    We approached Discount Cab driver Dennis Curcio while he was filling up his tank at Jett’s Wildcat, 501 N. Park Ave.

    Wildcat: All right, you’re on the spot. If you could fill up your car with any liquid besides gas, what would it be?

    Dennis Curcio: Ethanol.

    W: Is it cheaper?

    C: It’s supposedly cheaper but it isn’t. It’s in use right now.

    W: So you wouldn’t fill it up with orange juice or lemonade or anything?

    C: No, vodka.

    W: Oh that would be good. Do you think your car would get drunk?

    C: Probably take it in the wrong direction.

    W: That’s a new meaning for drunk driving. Even if you’re sober, you could go off a cliff or something. Okay, tell me honestly, do you like the smell of gas stations?

    C: No.

    W: ‘Cause I do. Everyone says that they don’t, I just kinda you know. Oh man. Do you ever go to the gas station and after you’re leaving, you’re like, “”I got gas,”” and then you laugh to yourself?

    C: Say what?

    W: Do you ever go to the gas station and after you leave, you’re like, “”Haha, I got gas,”” and then you laugh?

    C: Nope.

    W: Oh, I do that a lot. You know, like the pun thing. Like, gas…

    C: I understand, but no. If I went to a Mexican restaurant, then yeah.

    W: Yeah, sometimes I go to a Mexican restaurant and after I leave, I’m like, “”Haha, I got tacos.””

    C: Got a lot of gas.

    W: Have you ever been tempted to fill up your car with the engine running just to see what happens?

    C: Yeah, I do it.

    W: What happens?

    C: Nothing.

    W: Have you ever seen someone smoke a cigarette and then set it down?

    C: I’ve seen a lot of people do that.

    W: Has it started a fire?

    C: No, ’cause I leave. I don’t know what happens.

    W: I wonder how many people die per year just because of gas station explosions.

    C: I don’t know because people don’t have too much sense today.

    W: I read a fact today that said more people die from donkeys than airplane crashes.

    C: Really.

    W: I don’t understand how donkeys can kill people, but maybe if they were on the wrong kind of gas, I don’t know.

    – Andi Berlin

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