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    Police Beat

    Police suspect group of car theft

    A group of people were held at gunpoint by police Thursday at 2:49 a.m, for suspicion of a stolen vehicle.

    After dropping a female student off at the Apache-Santa Cruz dorm, a car with three people in it almost backed into a police car that was parked in front of the dorm before speeding off to park in a nearby parking lot. The police officer ran the plates and found that it had been reported stolen.

    The officer responded and pulled up near the car. He drew his weapon, ordering the female driver and two male passengers out of the car, reports said. All three were ordered to walk backwards and kneel on the ground while the cop checked the car.

    The police officer reported that the ignition had been damaged. After further investigation it was discovered that no payments had been made on the vehicle and all attempts to locate the vehicle by the finance company were unsuccessful, according to UAPD reports.

    The incident was handled as a civil matter and the vehicle was towed.

    Marijuana discovered in students’ room

    Police responded to reports of an odor of marijuana Thursday in the Yavapai Dormitory at 8 p.m.

    After knocking on the door one female and one male student said nothing about the substance. When asked what that smell was both students did not respond. Officers then asked where the marijuana was and the student retrieved a small baggy and pipe from her purse.

    Both students were cited for possession of marijuana and referred to the Dean of Students.

    Minor cited for alcohol possession

    Police were dispatched to the Coronado residence hall around 12:30 a.m. Thursday for suspicion of a minor in possession of alcohol.

    The resident assistant escorted police to a room where they found a girl sitting over a waste basket. Reports say she had vomited repeatedly and the room smelt of liquor.

    As police interviewed the girl, she was crying hysterically, asking the police officers if she would be expelled from her sorority. When she began to cooperate she admitted to having “”10 shots of vodka”” at a friend’s house off campus. She looked more disheveled as police talked to her due to the eye makeup running down her face and arms, reports said.

    She asked to be taken to the emergency room in order to get her stomach pumped so she could “”feel better.””

    The student was taken to University Medical Center, where reports say she was apologetic and extremely emotional. She was cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

    Biker cited for alcohol

    A man was cited on alcohol-related charges after being stopped for not having a headlight on his bike Thursday at 1:22 a.m.

    After pulling the man over, police reported that he had bloodshot, red, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. When they began to question him he was verbally argumentative with police and his speech was slurred. He admitted to drinking with a friend at the Delta Chi fraternity before riding his bike home.

    He was cited on charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol and released.

    Fraternity members fight over girlfriend

    Police responded to a fight outside of the Delta Chi fraternity early Friday morning.

    The police car stopped because a group of people were surrounding three students who were apparently fighting. As the officer approached the group the students fled the scene, but those in the fight were apprehended.

    The three students identified themselves to the officer as students in different fraternities: Delta Chi, Phi Gamma Delta and one non-affiliate. Reports say all three smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes.

    When asked if they had been fighting because they were in different fraternities, all responded by saying no, clarifying that the fight had been over a “”stupid girl problem.”” One of the men’s girlfriend was identified as the cause for the fight.

    As officers questioned the students, two who were apparently friends avoided answering any questions. The other said the fight began when one of the other two got into an argument with his girlfriend about cheating. The other man offered to walk the girl back to her sorority when the fight broke out.

    One of the students admitted to punching the other, saying, “”I punched that guy in the stomach a couple of times. You know how it is, you help your bud.””

    Greek Life representatives were called although they were not available at that hour. The students were cited and referred to the Dean of Students.

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