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Mailbag: Nov. 2

Football player’s behavior an asset to the UA

I would like to report an incident that occurred this last Saturday, at the Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale Hotel with one of your football players. In the interest of disclosure, I would like to state that I live in Texas and have a daughter that attends USC in Los Angeles. My wife and I brought our parents out to Los Angeles this past weekend to see our daughter and attend the USC-Oregon football game.

Several of us were on the elevator early Saturday morning when an Arizona football player got on as well on the next floor; he looked like a player and had on his Arizona sweat clothes. He entered the elevator and looked straight at me and stated, “”Good morning, sir.”” He then looked at the other people on the elevator and said, “”Good morning.”” He looked to me like he was about 19 years old. He then held the door open for everyone as we got off the elevator.

It is very rare that I meet someone this young that is so composed, confident and courteous. In a day when it seems that there is a lot of negative press regarding college football players when away from the game, it is refreshing to see that there is also another side.

In the future I will not remember that Arizona beat UCLA. I will always remember that I met an extremely polite, poised young man that represented Arizona football.

I am sure Arizona is pleased with the win over UCLA. I am positive you are even more pleased and proud on how your players conduct themselves on the road whenever no one from your school is watching.

Les Diaz

Plano, Texas



Online Comments


On ‘Four Loko riskier than beer’

With the flavor, cost and high percentage of alcohol, it is obvious this company is targeting younger drinkers. At least now students will be warned of the effects of this drink.

Beth Carter


Even though $3 a can seems cheap, it is still more than beer. College students aren’t going to be standing around drinking a fruity beverage because it’s just not cool.

Columbus Injury Lawyer


On ‘Med students bust border barriers’

This club is a joke. There is an obvious lack of communication here at UA because there are several clubs across campus that do the exact SAME thing. i.e. go to Nogales and volunteer at a clinic blah blah. The title of this article is misleading “”Med Students…”” in hopes that pre-medical student reads it and joins the club (waste of time). It is obvious that the club president “”invented”” this club so she can put it on her resume for medical school. Give me a break and stop feeling “”entitled”” as if you are already in medical school … I believe that the Daily Wildcat had no right to highlight this club because they do NOT take the time to highlight all clubs across campus. I know this would be impossible if their newspaper were to take the time but if they choose to highlight one club they should offer to highlight all clubs across campus! Shame on you Arizona Daily Wildcat.

 Dan 2007

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