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    Police Beat

    Domestic dispute leads to a citation and an arrest

    Police responded to the Maricopa Residence Hall in reference to a man and woman yelling at each other March 22 at 5:27 p.m.

    When police arrived they made contact with the police aide who had reported that a man and woman were yelling on the balcony. The aide said that the man had run into Second Street, almost getting hit by a car.

    Police made contact with a witness who said that he had seen the man and woman walking between the dorms. They were arguing when the man started to kick the woman’s legs and punching her in the face. The witness said that the man then picked up some bags and walked away.

    The woman left the scene too, but the witness followed her while another person flagged down the police aide.

    Police made contact with the man and directed him to sit on the sidewalk. He replied by saying something that was mostly inaudible. All police heard was “” … that bitch,”” before the man started running westbound.

    Police followed the man, yelling at him to stop. He stopped at First Avenue, but refused to sit when ordered to do so. The man continued moving away from officers. He would not sit down so one officer removed his Taser gun and attempted to Taser the man. Both Taser probes missed him. The man continued running from the officers. Another officer arrived on scene and the man was detained.

    He told officers that the woman had been hitting him in the face, so he slapped her to get her away from him.

    “”I just backhanded her face,”” he said. “”I’ll take the blame. I don’t want her to get in trouble. She was the one pounding on me.””

    He also said that the woman was pregnant with his child. He told an officer that she had not had a miscarriage that day like she was claiming. The man was arrested and taken to the Pima County Jail where he was booked for Domestic Violence Assault and Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct.

    Police then made contact with the woman and began to question her. She told them that she had been passing through campus with the man when they began arguing. She wanted to let her family know where she was, so she used her cell phone to call her brother-in-law near Maricopa Hall. The woman said that the man then started to kick her legs and punch her face and nose. The two then continued walking up the path next to the dorm where the man punched her again in the face and knocked her to the ground. The woman had scrapes on both legs and the sides of her face, a red nose and a slightly swollen face. There was also a small amount of blood on her teeth. She told officer that the man had intentionally hit her in the jaw area because he knew she had a sore tooth.

    The woman then told another officer that she was pregnant and had lost the baby as a result of the man kicking her in the stomach when they were arguing. When asked about it, the woman replied, “”I wanted to murder him.”” She said that she buried the baby near the west side of Maricopa Hall. Officers responded to the area to search for the baby, but found nothing.

    Police returned to where the woman was and asked her to help them find the exact location of the baby. She told them that she had a family funeral to attend and did not have time to help look for the baby. She said that she buried it under some rocks near James E. Rogers Way and Park Avenue.

    Police then noted that the woman did not show any signs of miscarriage. There was no blood on her legs and her clothes and hands were clean. Because of this and the woman’s refusal to help them find where the baby was, they were led to believe she was lying.

    Police told the woman that she would be placed under arrest for giving false information to an officer. She then said that she had to tell them something. She said that she was pregnant, but had not lost the baby. She only said that because the man was the baby’s father and she was mad at him and wanted to get him in trouble. The woman was cited and released for providing false information to law enforcement.

    ‘Stupid’ decision causes woman to shoplift

    A woman was cited and released for shoplifting March 23 at 5:50 p.m.

    Police responded to the UofA Bookstore in reference to a shoplifter in custody. When they arrived, police were taken to a conference room where a woman sat near a table that had multiple clothing items on it.

    Police asked the woman what was with all of the clothing on the table. She said that she had made a “”stupid”” decision. Police then asked her what she meant. She said that she had come to the bookstore to sell her textbooks back but when she went downstairs to the buyback area, she realized she had forgotten them. She then started to walk back to her car to get her books but stopped to look at clothes. She then began putting numerous clothing items into a black reusable shopping bag and walked out of the store without paying for them.

    She told officers that she knew what she did was wrong and illegal, but she didn’t have the money to pay for the items. She then stopped and corrected herself, saying that she did have the money, but she shouldn’t be spending it on clothes.

    The woman was cited and released for shoplifting. She had attempted to steal nine different items including hats, shirts and pants. The total value of the merchandise was $240.94. She was told she could no longer shop at the bookstore.

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