What is on your holiday wish list?

Courtney Smith

Rachel Lacy
molecular and cellular biology freshman

“”One of those little bed lamps that you clip because I like to read in bed, and I can’t do that right now because I don’t have one.””

Bekah Sandoval
psychology freshman

“”I actually asked for an MP3 player so I could use it during studying time. I said I desperately need one. It helps me concentrate, so that is what my parents are getting me.””

Ross Miller
material sciences sophomore

“”I want a sound system for my entertainment room. It just sounds lame just with the twospeakers for the TV.””

Charles Coleman
political science junior

“”I need a griddle actually. I need a griddle and a toaster. That’s what I told my parents I wanted. I don’t like looking with pans, I’d rather have a griddle. That’s the honest to god truth.””

Mike Karls
business junior

“”World peace.””