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POLICE BEAT 2/13/18: Strangers in the Night

Heather Newberry

Officer Moreno of the Tucson Police Department looks on over the Tucsonans Against Racism Protest and Rally on Congress Street in downtown Tucson on Aug. 22, 2017.  CATS is a traffic initiative that was launched by UAPD at the beginning of 2017 with the intention of altering driver, pedestrian and bicyclist behavior 

Who’s There?

Two female Yavapai Residence Hall residents woke up on Jan. 26 to a real nightmare: a stranger in their room. 

The students told a University of Arizona Police Department officer they were in their room by midnight and asleep by 1 a.m. Around 2 a.m., the girls were woken up by a female voice repeatedly saying, “Oh my God, I’m so cold!” 

Each student thought it was the other saying this. Once they started talking to each other, the students realized there was a third girl present in the room.

One of the students grabbed a flashlight and shone it on an unknown girl. The girl immediately rose and ran out of the room, slamming the door closed behind her.

According to the officer, both students seemed very startled by the events.

The officer told the students that after a night of drinking, people sometimes go into the wrong room. 

The students told the officer they were positive their door was closed and locked.

The officer inspected the door and judged it to be sturdy and secure. There was no sign of forced entry and no scratches on the lock.

Both students told the officer they felt safe sleeping in the room after testing the door several times. 

The students said they would not press charges if the girl was in the wrong room by accident, but would if they discovered that she was in there intentionally.

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Fight Club

It was a busy morning on Jan. 27 for three UAPD officers, as they left one call for service and walked right into another.

At approximately 3 a.m., the officers were exiting Coronado Residence Hall when they spotted a fight involving two male UA students and another man. The males were physically pushing one another, as well as yelling taunts and provocations.

The officers broke up the fight and handcuffed the students and the man involved. 

Upon detainment, the officers noticed the man smelled heavily of intoxicants. He also had red, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. 

The man told the officers that, while walking near the residence hall, he heard a group of guys “talking crap” and thought he was going to be attacked, so he began to follow the group. He could not explain why he would follow a group of people he felt threatened by.

The man though the group was laughing at him, so he shoved one of the students. Video evidence confirmed the man was the one who started the fight.

The student who the man pushed told the officer he did not want to be the victim of assault and did not want to file paperwork. The officers released the students.

The officers called a cab to dispatch to pick up the man and take him home. 

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