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Mailbox: Jan. 13

Tucson seventh grader helps Miller out

I am a seventh grader at St. Gregory School (in Tucson). You might know of Frankie Mgbolu. He would be an AMAZING point guard for the basketball team. He is currently a junior. He has been able to dunk since the beginning of his freshman year (He was 5’9″”!). He has led our school to two 1A state titles. He would make an instant impact on our basketball team. Please just at least scout him. I love to see the UA do well. He is also a good student. He comes from a very respectful family. Frankie is very fast and agile. Thank you for your time.

Gabriel Swenson

Tucson resident

Longtime fan not a fan of student behavior

I have been a Nebraska fan since my youth, so I was only too happy to make the trip to the Holiday Bowl with my wife, an Arizona Alum, and family.  On the day of the game I was insulted and “”called out”” three times by Arizona students for nothing more than wearing a Nebraska sweatshirt.  What makes you think you can act that way?

Stoops apologized to the fans for the poor performance, but I guess they got exactly what they deserved.  I have been a fan of “”The U of A”” for many years, but now that wonderful “”A”” that you all wear so proudly stands for something different than Arizona Wildcats.

James Linstrom

El Paso, Texas

Alum offers thoughts on whipping in Bowl

This is the second time in my life I have felt compelled to write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Of any newspaper for that matter. I suppose that has a great deal to do with the pride I take in the UA and its athletics program. Pride instilled in me during my years on campus from 1988 to 1993. Pride that remains with me to this day.

Still, twenty-two years after my very first game in Arizona Stadium, I still swell with that very same pride each and every time my school takes the field. And I’m happy to report I’m not alone. So I have a question to ask: Why doesn’t the Arizona football team itself do the same thing?

The loss doesn’t bother me. Honestly. When I was an undergrad we lost a lot of games. And we won our fair share, too! But I can say with a clear conscience that I don’t ever, ever recall another Wildcat team so obviously uninterested in competing in absolutely every way possible. Do you think Tedy Bruschi would have lay down like that? How about Chuck Cecil? Or Marcus Bell? It is literally baffling how a team that worked so hard to get to this Bowl thought it was okay to simply quit the moment the coin was tossed in the air.

I don’t want to mention the player’s name here, as it seems unfair to single him or anyone else out in what was so clearly a team capitulation. But this player, was down on a knee on the sideline; his elbow parked on his knee, his chin cradled lazily in the palm of his hand. And as the the lopsided score was splashed across the bottom of this image, our player let out a long and deeply disturbing … yawn.

I’m just going to repeat that. He yawned. During the biggest Bowl game for the Wildcats in at least a decade. The announcers couldn’t help but laugh, one of them saying something to the effect of, “”Well, that about sums tonight up.”” And you know something? It was absolutely humiliating. How about we make a deal, Wildcats? Go ahead and get shut out. Lose by 33 points. Heck, lose by 100 for all I care. But show up. Every. Single. Game.

Then again, after watching my (still) beloved Cats this evening, I suppose they were perfectly on theme. After all … white is the color of surrender.

Matt Ragghianti

Class of 1993

Los Angeles, Calif.

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