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    Mail Bag

    Local government shouldn’t be reduced to asking for feds’ help

    Like many people, I am frustrated with government across the board. I don’t enjoy paying taxes but they are a part of life. However, when government can’t do its job at a local level and needs somebody else (Congress) to take money from the future, it’s a sad day for democracy.

    The case I would like to refer to is regarding the money for transportation upgrades in Tucson. In May of 2006 Tucson voted to add a half-cent tax to raise an estimated 2.1 billion dollars over the next twenty years. This was a tax on everything except rent, prescriptions, and groceries. This was pushed by the claim that it would improve the traffic and safety of Tucson. Unfortunately, Tucson, like most Democrat-run places can’t survive without kind government donations. Interestingly after that election, Steve Farley (member of the Citizens Advisory Committee) stated, “”We can start to show the rest of the country we’re growing up.””

    He must be right because nothing shows growing up like needing more government handouts. Thank you, Gabrielle Giffords, for helping Tucson grow up.

    Jude Fernando

    mechanical engineering senior

    Clarification from student government candidate

    I want to take this opportunity to clarify my situation as being the write-in Associated Students of the University of Arizona Presidential Candidate. During the petition process, I secured what I thought would be more than enough signatures to qualify as a candidate eligible for the primaries. However, due to illegible names, student number errors and duplications, unfortunately the number of signatures I submitted was not sufficient.

    Having said that, I would like to commend the elections commission and ASUA for diligently reviewing each petition to ensure a fair election for all candidates. I firmly believe and will uphold myself to an honest and democratic election process. Although the predicament I find myself in places me behind the eight ball with much ground to make up, I’m extremely excited and will be fully prepared to participate in the general elections.

    If elected as your student body president, I look forward to confronting the budget crisis and other looming challenges. I whole-heartedly believe in the power of students. As a passionate, student driven leader, I look forward to sharing my vision and goals for how to improve this university with the student body in the very near future.

    Chris Nagata

    physiology senior

    Students need non-profit, cheap restaurant on campus

    It is no secret that I am frugal. It is not that I don’t like to spend money, because I do, it is just that I like getting good value for my money.

    I was sitting in Three Cheeses and a Noodle yesterday, eating a nine dollar plate of pasta when this question struck me. Why doesn’t the University have a not for profit eatery on campus? Nothing fancy, like a buffet or bistro, just an honest to goodness restaurant where the entrées cost a few dollars. Most other universities in the nation have them, but not ours.

    The university could keep the rent low and ASUA could be invited to oversee the organization, management and help staff it with qualified, hard-working students. The surplus funds generated by the restaurant would be returned to the student body in the form of lower cost entrees.

    With the terrible economy and unchecked inflation, students’ dollars do not go as far as they once did. It is time the students of this university stood up, struck a blow for justice, and took measures to provide an economical alternative to the greedy, price gougers we buy lunch from every day.

    Now that is what I would call good value for the money.

    Robert Harrold

    family studies and human development junior

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